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24 days clean... Loving life

im 24 days clean and i feel amazing, its awesome the things and opportunities coming my way..Im accually happy in my life, I got my business up and going great, I hired an asst. got a new Iphone and bought a car all in the past week ;)  Im just saying, Im proff that it DOES get BETTER   ;)))))
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Awesome!.....keep slammin it there young dude!  :o}
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I am so glad to hear that things are going so well for you! Congratulations on 24 days, as well as a new job, new assistant, and new car! Keep up the fight and keep on pushing forward. Things will keep getting better and better!
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Good for you dude! Making us proud. Life is beautiful and so are you! Keep going!  
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Thank you guys.. Your all amazing.. Im trying, I have my first NA Meeting tonight at 7pm, accually in 2 hours ;)
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I am so proud of you!!!!
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I'm really proud of you too :)  Recovery is so much about time and once we accept that, and begin to trust it, all kinds of good things start to come our way.  And we're thinking clearly and that means we get to feel all the pride and joy that comes when you realize you are really doing it.

Keep going (believe it or not, it keeps getting better!).
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