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24 hours

Well I got through the first 24 hours with only a minor headache and feeling a little nauseous.  I actually ate a banana and an english muffin and the nausea went away!  Since from what I read the worst seems to be between the 2nd and 4th days Im getting myself ready to do battle!  Hoping that I will sleep more than 4 hours tonight!  And I just keep praying too that I might be one of the lucky ones who gets off easy!!!  :)   Thanks for all the support and encouragement!!!  It really does help so much!!!  Ill let you know how tomorrow goes!
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Hi Cricket,
That is good to hear.  Yes it seems the worst is yet to come.  I don't know from experience as I haven't stopped completely yet.  I am starting to taper off the hydrocodone.  I am like you, hoping I'll be lucky and get off easier than others have.  I am really hoping that happens since I am going to slowly taper off for the next 30 to 45 days.  I should be off completely by Jan 18 or earlier.  Please keep us posted.  I am anxious to see how you feel in the next couple of days.  Good luck!
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get out and take a walk that really does help exercise get those endorphins built back up.
Stay busy and for me the LIFESAVER was counseling I Joined a small group and decided that I was going to be 100% honest and looking back now I remember thinking why am I joining this group but someone told me it was Important to get help and I did and I am so glad I did.
I Took My Life back and you can do it also.
Just take it hour by hour and before you know it days will have gone by and life will get better, set yourself up for success.
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Congrats on your first day!  People usually DO peak on day 3, but for me, the first 7 days were the same (but I'm older than you.)

Don't forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water is your friend.  If you start having diarrhea, water takes a back seat to Gatorade!

Keep posting....

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Well I fell asleep at 3pm reading a book and now am wide awake at 9 pm!  But hey thats 6 hours!  Im going to try to go back to sleep in a few minutes!  I just feel nauseous right now.  I have been drinking lots of water and am hoping for the best!  We'll see what the next few hours bring!!!!  Ill let you know!  Thanks for the encouragement!!!  :)
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Hey, six hours of sleep is great; wish I could get that!

A remedy for nausea that I use often is candied ginger.  You can usually find it in the supermarket.  Just chewing on a piece of it makes my nausea instantly better.  

You can also make home-made ginger tea, which also helps me with upset stomach (which I have a lot):

A piece of ginger root, peeled, and then minced into tiny pieces...about 1-2 big spoonfuls of it.

Put it in a mug, and pour boiling water over it.  All the pieces will float to the top.

Cover the mug with a dish, or just leave it alone for about 3-5 minutes.   All the pieces will sink to the bottom; this means it is ready to sip!

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We are there together?!! Youve got this. Call me if u ever wanna talk!
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Hi R!  Thanks for that advice!  I think Ill try some ginger tea!  I just hate feeling nauseous and not actually getting sick!  I slept for another 3 hours so I guess I am up for the day!  Hoping for the best!  It cant be worse than chasing those pills or spending all that money on others when I ran out!  That feeling of anxiousness was the worst!!!!  So Im just plugging along for now!  Ill keep you updated!!  Thanks again for your help!
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Hi Karen!  My name is Karen too so we have a few things in common!  :)  Yes, we will get through this!  I am so determined to never have these little buggers in my life again!!!!  We are going to be fine in the next few days!!!  So excited to feel good again!!!!
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Keep up the great work, ladies!!!
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Hey cricketk92, congrats on day 1. I really think you're going to get through this pretty quickly. I looked up what you were taking at the end and it was only equivilant to 2-3 tylenol #3's a day. You got this Hun!! Proud of you for sticking to it!!
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Hey Girl! Great to hear you are doing well so far! I am sending positivity your way that it isn't that bad. The sleep comes back fairly fast off the short acting opiates, or a least it did for me, Im telling you that SuperSnooze really works. I think you are going to make it through easily, some discomfort, but not long lasting. Keep it up! Try to stay busy in make the days go by faster, and soon youll be racking them up! Take Care, Carrie
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