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24 weeks clean off opiates 2 away from 6 months.

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Congrats!!!  Have you had surgery yet?
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Very Good! You have come along ways!
Yes, what about that surgery??
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Congrats MadMax a Hard won Victory makes it all the more sweet.. lesa
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I really hope you are felling good because I am coming to an end of my suboxone past opiate use.  The day i can say I am where you are I am hoping to feel great and not have this vice hanging over me.  I know it is a continuous battle and after care is a must, I just want to be done and living my life free of all meds and happy doing it!
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Congrats MadMax a hard won Victory makes it all the more sweet... lesa
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Surgery is on Friday (2) days from now I've been sitting on the 60 hydros for about 2 weeks now. Holding them just in case hopefully won't be that extreme pain wise. Thank you all for the support and care, suboxone is its own kind of he'll.
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Hey max  a big congrats on 6 mo that is huge....keep doing what your doing the 12 step progam really work....let us know how the surgery goes...............................Gnarly.............................
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Had my surgery this morning and I'm in quite a bit of pain but not as bad as I thought. They gave me a sedative and I had no opiates put into me so I'm glad about that. Now the recovery process begins!
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Hope you have a Pain Free Fast Recovery!

However, do not live in pain if it does get bad. Have those pills handed out to you as needed. Hope you can make it with out them But...we never know how bad the pain can get and that can make it worse. Good Luck!
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