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2nd day off Add 1st Day off hydro

I went one day w no adderall.  I have to work all day and I am afraid I will be really tired.  I also worry that I know I have no hydrocodone left at my house for when I get home.  Should I be coming off these at the same time?  I am tempted to take a small amount of adderall and maybe do every other day?  ANy suggestions?
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I never took adderall until I did my last detox.  3 pills were given to me when I was detoxing from hydrocodone.

I have to say that the adderall helped to keep me focused, along w/the Thomas Recipe.

But of course when I was out of those (small bites from blue pills) I wanted more.

I don't know what it's like to detox from adderall.  If you have some left, can you do a slow taper?
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For me tappering off seem to work well... be true to yourself..
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