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2weeks and 2 days no methadone

Yep... that's me... still sleeping horribly, but more clear-headed. No more stomach issues, and havent sneezed in about 24 hours. Thanks for all the support and advice. It is downhill from here. Thank Goodness i dont have to report to that clinic ever again!!!
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Congrats on 2 weeks and 2 days! Sounds like you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Your tired but your seeing the light :) I have been sneezing like crazy for months, I did not know this was a common symptom till I read it recently. Just thought my allergies were acting up lol And I hear you about not going to the clinic ever again! That alone drives me forward. I have my last doctors appointment on thursday just to check in and see if I still want to go threw with it. Little does she know I have already jumped ship and I will be going to say my goodbye's :) I can picture the glory already lol
I wouldnt even go-would be tempting to me! Was $11 a day!
I actually still have all 5 of my take homes in my fridge lol I don't think it gets anymore tempting than that, But its not even a temptation for me. I am so done with methadone is not even funny, I learned a valueable lesson while on methadone. But it's time to reclaim my life, nothing will stop me from doing that now. I am too determined and focused.
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Really happy for you:)
Thanks! Im getting my "mental"back...welbutrin i think has helped the energy crash-ive w/d from pills before, and its not as bad this time. The longer i go, the more i feel that i can do this.
Congrats, keep up the hard work.
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Today is the first day i havent had any chills!! Yayyyy!!
Sleep still crazy-cat-nap all night.
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Hey hey  congrats girl!!!! well your sleep will return it just takes time  im sorry I havent been available to help you more been in the hospital over the last week  it good to see you have got this!!!!no more liquid handcuffs....now is the time to start aftercare  please dont try to skip this critical step..........Gnarly
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