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3 days after going down to 30mg methadone...

My back is killing me, my stomach is talking, and and i have minor chills..., but nothing i cant handle... i think..
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Davidmel , just think of it as a bad cold , it will go away, these are typical symptoms of going down on your dose.
Just keep strong and taper at a slow pace. listen to your body it will let you know.
Been going down 5mg per week... i should go slower?
IMO yes you should go slower.  Long and slow is what I did.  I had zero withdrawals.
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Hi David....well as you can see the withdrawals can start anytime your tapering....the most important thing here is not to go down more will experiencing withdrawal symptoms it will only get worst....just know if your like me you go in and out of withdrawals threw out your taper  just give it a few days  then drop dose again.....as for going down 5 at a time as I stated b/4 the % of drop is much greater in the low doses so yes it is time to slow it down a bit keep us posted
Had to go back up to 35 mg. Im so disappointed.... but slowing down the process.... its all good
Had to go back up to 35 mg. Im so disappointed.... but slowing down the process.... its all good
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