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3 weeks off suboxone

I just want to let you know-for those of you curious out there-today is marks my 3rd week off suboxone. I have been sleeping fairly good for a few nights now, most leg pain is gone. I quit taking amino acids because i thought they were making me nauseous, and sure enough the nausea stopped. I truly believe in AA therapy so i am starting on one-for a week-then another for a week-and so on. The general malaise comes and goes now, i am ALWAYS  tired and depressed.  Sometimes the depression is debilitating as well as the fatigue, other times it is rather bearable.  My head however-will not clear-it feels just about as fuzzy and cloudy as it did from day one, and no concentration.  Sometimes i can't hold my head up.

I've been wondering if the amino acids can even get to my brain to do any good? i can actually feel that there is sub stuck in my receptors and i wish i could take one of those wands from the car wash and blast it out.......
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Hey you.  Congrats on 3 weeks!!!  Just give it more time.  Many of us have found out just how long sub withdrawal lasts- especially the mental and emotional stuff. I know exactly what you are experiencing.. just hold on.  3 weeks is great and I am so glad you are finally getting some relief from the physical stuff.  The emotional/mental part lingers a bit longer - but it too will ease up.. gradually at first and you will have really good days and *bam* really bad days.. but the good will begin to out number the bad and the fog will lift.. its such an odd way to feel and very difficult to describe - but just know  your not alone, I, and others, have been there and I PROMISE if you stick with it - it will life COMPLETELY and you will feel like new - even better.  The only thing I found to help was constant talking about it, (even to the point of whining.. lol) and really talking it out regarding the depression.  Exercise too.. Try taking walks each day.. start with short ones if your not use to it and work your way to long walks... I found this really eased my depression, anxiety and fatigue.  
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I know it has been a struggle for you but you have come so far .Yes the amnio can help alot .Have you tried taking them with food ? Exercise to can make a huge difference with the fatigue and depression.keep it up ,we are here for you .
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