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3 weeks!

Today is 21 days for me. Thanks everyone for you help and support. I feel awesome today. I remember Mondays when I was using. They were aweful. I just hated um. WDing broke and my body hurt all over. No fun at all. I feel like Im getting my mojo back and things seem pretty normal. I can say I still got away to go but I got 3 weeks and its a pretty good start. I still have bad cravings but those are getting better each and every day. Its the best decision Ive ever made and if youre reading and want to do it. Please come join me. Youll be so glad you did. Ive saved $800 dollars!!!! the past 21 days. Man what a fool Ive been just throwing my money away. I was really close to relapsing this weekend. To close. I didnt though and thats the important thing. Im still learning how to stay clean. Thats the hard part. Quiting seemed easy compared to the intense cravings I have. Its the drug talking, thats all. Thats what I tell myself. Dont be scared to stop ruining your life. Today things are sober and normal and I am happy.
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good for you throwin.
just goes to show if you really want something you can do it. this is not an easy thing to do,. but people just need to find something that works for them and they have to have the desire to quit.
whenever i ran out of pills i always said i was quitting until the next pill came. i just really dont want that life anymore.
and yes the money you have saved, i know what you mean there.

hugs to you,
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Good job on 3 weeks!  

Read up on PAWS, because you're just now coming into its danger zone.  PAWS is what took me back time after time after time.  
See  http://www.tlctx.com/ar_pages/paw_part1.htm

You are well on the way to putting your active addiction into remission.  However, "if you use, at all, you will reactivate your addiction."  I must have been told that 1,000 time in my first rehab, but I didn't quite believe it.  When I got home it really felt like I needed to use one more time, just once, and then I'd be done for good.  

That admonition went through my head just as I was about to use that first time: “if you use, at all, you will reactivate your addiction.”  I hesitated briefly, thinking “what if they’re right?”  I should have thought about that question long and hard, but I didn’t.  Instead, I immediately dismissed all concern by telling myself (out loud) “well, I just won’t let that happen.”

I just won’t let that happen.  I just won’t let that happen.  Who or what did I think I was?  I might as well have been contemplating stepping off the roof of a very tall building wondering “what if they’re right? what if gravity will take over if I step out there?"  and dismissing that concern with the very same answer: "I just won’t let that happen.”  The result was as predictable.

Don't change your clean date, no matter what.

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Congrats on 3 weeks~~~~sara
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So HAPPY for you. You have been a great sourse of encouragement to me. I can't wait "t until I have 21 days. I am just at the end of withdrawls now and I don't have the strength to do this again. I am just now starting to feel like a human being. Let's stay in touch with each other because I like you. YOU ARE AMAZING AND PILL FREE!!!!!!!!!

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congrats on 3 weeks..u sound really good..keep it up and like sara says keep ur guard up.. u will see with every struggle u face and make it thru, u will get that much more stronger..proud of u for not giving in this weekend...soo proud of ya..big hugs to ya...Angie♥
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Good for you and good work!  You need to stay on this road and get all the help and support you can find. It makes a huge difference!   Now is the time to put some support in place. We all need it,believe me...

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