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3 years clean today!

Hi, all. Just thought I'd post my clean time. I have 3 years today, and if it wasn't for the wonderful (and tough) folks on here (some that are still here) I would not have gotten my azz into aftercare. Meetings and working a program are the ONLY things that have kept me clean. Lord knows I tried it to do it myself, always w/ the same results: using again. Life is hard, still hard. But I do not have the hell of searching, obsessing, buying, planning, begging, stealing pills to contend with. Thank God. Thanks for being here!
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This is WONDERFUL to read!  You should be very proud!  You know, I tried to control my using on my own and it NEVER worked!  That's why it blows my mind when I see people switching one drug for another to withdraw???  If we had control, we would just taper off of what we're on and taaadaaa.....we're done!  I can't tell you how many times I tried to do that and failed.  And without aftercare and recovery....I would be using again FOR SURE!  Sometimes I wish I could reach through the computer screen and smack people upside the head....stop fighting it, admit surrender, and get better!  You can feel it in your message above....you are doing the damn thing!  BIG congragulations to you!  Much love....
Girl, you always crack me up. Thank you so much! You inspire me:) P.S- Where IS everybody? Un-freakin-believable!
Congrats thsts wonderful!! I'm trying to taper off methadone it's so hard that I feel I'm falling apart an craving stuff bad!!! Ugh weak feeling dizzy an head feels big an funny
Oh methadone the devil is what is causing my hell
Thank you Trissy. I had norco hell. I promise it will pass. It becomes a blip. Then STAYING clean becomes the work. Keep going forward:)
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Congrats on your 3 years That is Fantastic!! Thank you for staying around and giving such Great Support with excellent advice! lesa
Lesa, thank you so much. I'm so glad you are here, too:)
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I am so incredibly proud of you!!  Congrats on 3 years clean!  You have worked your program, still do and it shows. I am a firm believer in aftercare as it does work.  I wish you continued success jfmoc.  You wear recovery so well~
Oooh, Sarah, one of my heroes. I was hoping you'd show up. Thank you my friend!!!:)
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Congratulations jifmoc, that is one heck of an accomplishment!
Thanks Ben!!!
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What a HUGE accomplishment, Jifmoc!!!!!
3 YEARS is a BIG DEAL!!!  Happy Birthday, girl♥
Thanks Clean! Love that peeps like you are still here!:)
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hey girl  look at you go!!!!!!!! 3 yrs is ausum.... we all do it one day at a time...AFTERCARE is usually what it takes without it im a hopeless dope fiend...I kicked methadon in 09 and havent loooked back  .....I thank you for being part of my recovery and a big kudos to you for reaching out here on the forum.....im still in a health crisis at least the know what has been making me deathly ill for the last 8 weeks it apears to be my putoatary gland in my brain is stuck wide open...so no more the 2 hours sleep a night...my bipolar has been offv the charts...we spent a week in the nut house but they got some meds that are helping with sleep  so prognosis is ether a brain tumer or a harmone imbalance  hopping for the later going to mayo on 28th for a second opinion will keep you guys posted
Gnarly....I'm so sorry to read that you are still having such horrendous problems!  I will be praying for you and hope that your trip to Mayo will give you some answers.  I, too, hope it is a hormone imbalance and they can figure out what can be done to help you.  You are missed....and you are loved♥
Mark, thank you! So sorry you are going through all that chit. I hope you get good news. You are an inspiration to me!! Miss you around here.
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Congrats 3 yrs is amazing I'm coming up on one yr Clean.
Yay Corey! And thank you!!!
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That&#39;s awesome bro, Congrats on 3 years clean I&#39;m on 500 plus days but this is your day Jifmoc and you desserve all the happiness your clean time gives you So a big well done congrats awesome job . As you know bro I agree its still hard for us addicts even after getting clean I still fight everyday for our freedom, So again well done my friend have a great day bro,,,,,,,,James
don't no what they numbers mean bro but again have a great day AWESOME job bro ,,,,,James
Thank you so much James!!!!:)
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congratulations Jif!!!!!  that is so cool.
Oh, thank you Meeg!!!:)
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