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3 years free :)

Hello everyone.   Just wanted to brag that I am 3 years free today July 5, 2011.  Thank you so much to those that helped me through this horrible chapter of my life.   I don t know where I would be if I had not found med help back in 2008.  The support I received was outstanding.  
I m still seeing the drug deals all around me....my former dealer asked me if I would sell his pills and for every 20 I sold I could keep 2....WTH.  I told him NO way.  It made me sick to think he could even ask such a thing to a recovering addict.   It s all about the high dollars these dealers make...ha  
I guess Im one of the lucky ones who never feels the desire to go back.  I hated my life so much (being an addict) that I never want to go there again.  I m not going to let stupid pills control my life...ever.
To those just starting out...hang in there tight.  I know you feel like dirt physically and mentally but I promise it gets so much better.   Withdrawing from these demons was one of the worst things I ve ever experienced but so worth the pain and awful mental depression.  It gets better...honest...it just takes time.  Look up to your higher power and I promise you will make it...Don t look back ever.  
Good luck everyone...May our God continue to bless us and keep us strong and bonded.  Love to all... thank you for  
helping me make it....Maria
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Your post brought me to tears (ok maybe I'm emotional anyway - I'm on my 2nd day).  Good for you that's really wonderful!  I hope I can say the same thing on July 4th, 2014.  =)
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Maria- Congratulations!!!  Three years- that quite an accomplishment!  Thanks for coming back and letting us newbies know that this does get better.

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1445648 tn?1470319663
I know how you feel I have been there before but it took my mind being inn bthe right place to quit. I have to say that without this site I could have never done it there are so many people that had the same issue as me and they did it so I new I could.. LIFE IS GREAT this was my fist straight 4th in ???? loved it.,
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Inspirational.  Thank you so much for this post and last but not least CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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Thank you so much...
Scared441...day2 will soon be a distant memory.  I m praying for you.  It took me about 9 weeks to really feel good.  It seems like a long time but 9 weeks compared to a free lifetime seems minimal.  We can all do this.  We are all brought together for some reason I believe.  If you get a chance listen to this song.  It really helped me in my early days of recovery.  Good luck everyone

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Thank you Merrymaria - I really need that right now.  I am in agony.  I dont't know if you read my post but I don't get much support from my husband, my addiction just seems to anger him and I don't get the love and support that I need.  It's like if I can just take a few pills and feel good, we'll get along and everything is fine.  This isn't right.  Anyway, thank you.
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Hi Jerry - you're absolutely right about your mind having to be in the right place.  I want to be free of them, but I don't know if I want it bad enough...I'm still craving them so bad that I think my mind isn't in the right place...I don't know.  I too am glad I found this forum, I need people to talk to apparently...I've been shutting myself in my room and not answering the phone, so I need some sort of communication I guess.
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What a great post merrymaria - so inspirational.  Thank you for coming back and letting all of us know how much better life will get.

I'm almost one year (around 20 days shy) clean and can not believe the difference in my life.  It's great to know it's only going to get better.

Thank you.  :)
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I m sorry you don t get the support you need but do this for yourself...You and only you.  cravings bite is the butt...They do go away in time.  Make the next couple months dedicated to you...YOU come first right now.
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Great to see you back!!   Good for you!!  Wow!!

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Good for you!!


(((not really)))  :)

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Oh Maria, what can i say other than a BIG HUGE CONGRATS!!!  2008 sounds like so long ago doesnt it!!  Man we were a mess when we came here.....I am so incredibly proud of you my friend.  You have had your ups and downs but stayed true to yourself and held your clean time sacred.  Do something nice for yourself today and everyday.  This just makes me so happy!!!  Off to do the happy dance, Minnesota style!!

Hugs to you, the baby(who isnt a baby anymore!) and the beagles~~sara

Check out my new addition, i have a pic up!!!
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Congrats on your clean time. I remember you posting also. I'm glad to see you are still coming here. Have a good day!
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You forget the 2 most important words........GUARD UP!
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CONGRATULATIONS on 3 months!!!  Wow, that's so great :)  Keep checking in with us.
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sara is right .........GUARD UP!!!
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HEY CONGRADTS on 3 yrs !!!!! your doing so well we miss you on the forum and need veterans like you to show it can be done im so happy for you life is a beautiful place when your not chained to a pill bottle  your doing great and im so happy for you keep up the good wirk and like Sara would say Guard up  good luck and God bless.......Gnarly  
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I'm so glad that some people take the time to share their SUCCESS stories.  Too often, I think, the successful people no longer feel the need to post here because they are free from addiction which leads those looking for hope to believe that very few experience success.  There are success stories.  We can get better and return to our old lives being tolerant to normal, and excited in our "boredom".  Thanks for this.
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Thanks everyone.  Yes you can never have your guard down....always be prepared for the unexpected.  3 years ago I was in complete misery...never imagining seeing the light at the end of the road....restless in bed crying and actually feeling like death.  Also feeling hopeless, worthless and guilty as sin.   I am human, I made a mistake, I corrected it.  I will be here as often as I can...life is busy and I m working full time now.  Take care everyone.  God bless us all and thank you for all the hoorays :)  Maria
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Maria you got the braging rights so brag away. I want to tell you Maria you were here when i first came here and you have helped so many. Your heart is in the right place. If i had not read about sucsess stories like your,s Maris then i would not be over 205 days clean, and you never forget your friends. You did it Maria (THE NEIL YOUNG FAN ) You desserve all the credit you get. That is why im moving it back to first page coz you truely desserve it. And when you were doing your own W/Ds you still had time for others always. Maria i hope you are very proud of your acheivments as im very proud of you Maria W T G girl AWESOME job 3yrs is great. Enjoy the rest of your time Rocking the free world LOL Well again CONGRATS ON 3 yrs and im sure there will be many many more Well done Maria your friend James
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Maria WOW thats great 3 years, I have 376 days under my belt and can't wait to get to where you are. I too remember coming to MH to get some answers on how to get through w/d and wound up staying ever since. This is truly a great place to be when you need help through the rough spots. God Bless---Rick
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that is fantastic!!  loads of congrats on your 3 years!!!! you have every right to brag!!!!
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Thank you so very much...It s nice to brag sometimes.  I ve worked very hard for this clean time and have all of you to thank....you kept me strong.  God bless us.  Maria
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