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3 years on suboxone-5th day clean and NO wds wtf is going on

Okay I'm starting to sort of freak out. Going to try and write this as short as I can but still describe my whole situation. 7yr addict last 3 on suboxone. Started at 6mg and by the 2nd year I was between 1.50mg to 1mg up and down. Then the past 6-7weeks I started lowering dosage every 4 to 7 days I would try taking .25 mg less sometimes only .10mg. Anyways when I got down to half of .25mg which is .125mg. I took nothing every other day for only six days. Then I planned to try and go every 2 days but when I did the 2nd day I actually felt ZERO withdrawals. So figured I'd wait to take next dose when I start withdrawing well nothing happened. Which is unreal for me because the past 6 weeks I kept going in minor wds at the 30 hr mark and I'd fight it until it got to uncomfortable then I'd dose. We'll my last dose was May 28th 2014. At this very moment I'm at ("FIVE" days clean) 5 days. This is amazing for myself. I've takin at least 1 pill every single day the past 7 years and now I'm sort of freaking out like what's going on when r the wds gonna kick in? Now I've been takin basic vitamins and Kratom only once a day in the mornings to get me going. Planned to use kratom for only the 1st 2weeks of wds but now I'm starting to think don't need it. Kratom helps to spark up the same mu receptors. But it's not an opioid and btw I'm using Bali kratom the weakest there is. My question is am I 1 of the lucky ones to escape subs with ZERO WDS? Or is it a matter of needing more time? Or is this kratom gonna screw me, as soon as I stop takin it? Plz help with any input

Now if I get thru this w/zero wd's my next question would b WHY The hell ain't people talking more about this plant. If it can help ur recovery?!? Especially the lethargic issues. I know it can become addicting and people can wd from it but to take it here and there till u get thru wds makes scents to me. I've had enough will power to taper off suboxone. Ill b damn sure not to trade 1 addiction to another. Just sayin, I wanna put it out there.
Plz leave me a comment, Whether good or bad. Thx u for reading and look forward to hopefully getting some honest responses.
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I would say you tapered down so low that you can just walk off good. Several here have done that too and also stated no wds at all or nothing to complain about.

Word of advice - stop taking the Kratom now. It is addicting. At 5 days you shouldn't even need it anymore.

Start tomorrow with nothing extra and you will be golden. Are you sleeping well?

Good job tapering. Not everyone can do it as you did. Keep going!!
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I have read horror stories on kratom...stop asap and see what happens...
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Hi, good taper !!!
I went into withdrawals 3 times on my taper and when i jumped, i had no withdrawals either.

You will either be one of the lucky ones, or may feel w/d's in a day or 2, or you may be taking something that is prolonging the w/d's.

Its good to have w/d when tapering, because it usually means when its time to jump, you have an easy time with the detox.
Good luck  : )
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Hello and welcome. You did a great job tapering. That is definitely the
Best way to do it.
But yes the Kratom could also be helping to fend off the withdrawal.
Please stop the Kratom and let your body totally detox.
Stay hydrated, exercise, lots of protein, veggies and fruit.
Have you been going to any support groups, counseling, church
To help prevent relapse?
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I never had withdrawls when I quit suboxone. I was takin one strip a day I would cut it. Takin half in the am n half at nite. I did this for 3months then I just quit takin um. I NEVER had any withdrawl symtoms exept not sleepin for bout a week, but then I was 100percent.
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Thx u for ur comment. So I decided after writing this question last night that I was done taking the kratom. I flushed a little less than an ounce down the toilet & Felt fuq'n Awesome! The whole thought of taking nothing but vitamins is so empowering!  I truly believe I am 1 of the lucky 1's. This morning I woke up with the feeling of my lower back aching and very minor light sweats. For 1st time but nothing to complain about. Took a clondine, vitamins, aleve and everything went away. I guess next few days I'll b able to really tell what's going on. I get a little teary eyed whenever I think about the thought that I maybe n the clear & that this LOOOONG Hellish chapter of my life is actually behind me. Though I'm still waiting for the whole rebirth to come, u know all emotional and stuff? Haven't had a full out crying incident yet, still feel somewhat cloudy. I think I was expecting more of a clarity feeling. Yes, I am sleeping fine at night. Either I'm up late like 1am or I'm tired and passing out by 10pm. No matter what time I fall out. I wake up like clockwork 6:am body has been set like this for years from my boys gettin up so early. And another thing is I have more energy in the morning then when I was taking the subs I'm still VERY Tired but I'm able to sort of get up and go a little easier.  Not sure if it's a little anxiety that gets me going or what
This whole experience is just a lot more different than what I was expecting. I saved enough money to not work for a month and I'm now feeling like I need to go to keep busy and get this new life going  
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Man, I'm praying for ya dude. I hope it's a chapter you can turn also. Keep us posted b/c Im tapering now and was considering the Sub also but gonna stay strong on this taper for now.
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Hey thx u for the response. I still wouldn't recommend subs at all, evenif I escaped wds. Only unless ur on the sub taper 4 to 7 days. That's what I've heard and read is the easiest way to get off sao
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You did a great taper, one of the keys being that you waited until you were on a very low dose to jump off.  I cannot stress enough how much more successful people were at coming off and staying off when they jumped off at low doses, after a deliberate and gradual taper.  SO many people think that 2mg is low enough, or they'll taper for two weeks and be miserable, which usually leads them right back to the sub.

You did a great job, and congrats on flushing the kratom!  AWESOME!  I think you're going to be just fine.  If you have any symptoms at all, IMO they will be very mild and very tolerable.

Keep up the great work!
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U obviously did a great job tapering which does seem to be the key to success with getting off the subs! Don't be questioning what obviously worked!!! If I were u, I'd be thanking God! Well done sir, damn good job!
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U can do this just make sure u r drinkin enough water or gatorade also vitamins are very important
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I love this site. It's really helping me mentally to stay strong. I can't stress enough how much it means to me. Thx u every1 for writing  
I'm doing fine without the kratom btw
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