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30 Days Clean

Today marks my 30th day clean from oxys.  Before I quit I was chewing up between 120-160 mgs of oxy a day. I am not going to lie and say that I am back to my old self, but I am starting to remember what it was like before the pills.  I had my first really good day yesterday and today has been very good as well.  

The last 30 days feel like 30 months, but I am so glad I made teh decision to quit.  I wanted to thank all of the posters on here who helped me through the hard times right after I quit.  I also want to thank my fiance (she posts on here) for all of her support.  Tomorrow is 30 days clean for her and I am so proud of both of us.  I know I have a long road still ahead of me, but I am feeling better everyday.

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congrats guys keep up the good work it only gets bettere from here Free...
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Hey Mat good to see you post...and congrats on 30 days thats a real milestone tell your fiance congrats to...im proud of both of you guys for making it out...keep up by going to aftercare and remember  to keep your guard up at all times addiction is cunning and baffling it will bring you down any chance it gets...you guys are winning this battle one day at a time....all of us are.....im clean just for today...tomorrow will bring its own challenges and you and I will do it over again..just for today...your well on your way to recovery now
keep pushing threw the challenges you got this one...good luck and God bless...Gnarly    
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OHHH !!   A month already??  LOL

I'm proud of you two and very happy you did this now!!  You can go on into the future,
clean and healthy !!  Keep it up , ALWAYS !!!

V.  xoxo
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gnarly...Thank you so much.  All the support during the last 30 days has been amazing.  I am seeing someone about the addiction and it really is helping me see why I ended up where I was.  I have to own the decisions that got me into this mess and be proud of teh ones that are getting me out.  You are right though, just one day at a time.  I can only worry about today, and deal with tomorrow when it comes.

vicki...One moth alrneady.  Sure it flew by for you, but it seems like a lifetime ago I made my day one post.  :)   I wonder where my buddies from that post are? Might have to look them since today is their day 30 (hopefully) as well.  My therapist said that one day the fiance and i will look back on our wedding and be glad we were clean...pretty sure he is right.
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Your therapist is right !!  It didn't really fly by for me...we're all in this together...one day,
one month...at a time!!

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Way to go!  The next 30 will not likely take as long to come and go!!!!

I'm proud of you!
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wow, im on day 4, cant wait to get that far, great job
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I'm so proud of you! I talk to you fiance regularly, and I can see how you two have been such a great support system for each other. I know what you mean about dragging by, but keep up the good work!
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Reading all of these posts have brought tears to my eyes.  I am so grateful to have you, my wonderful fiance, and the rest of this community to help me through this... We did this together, babe.  As my good friend, Gnarly, said... We are clean TODAY! Woo Hoo! I am so freaking proud of you... Let's keep this momentum going!

Thank you to everyone for supporting this wonderful man get through this!

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You and your fiance' are donig awesome.  It's so refreshing to see a couple who are supporting each other.  With that kind of bond, you can see this through!!  
I am proud of you both!  Give each other a hug from all of us!
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