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30 day test!

So yesterday was my 30th day clean, and lo and behold, I had to go to the doctor for what I thought was kidney stones. I knew what the doctor would try and give me, so I did the right thing and had someone who would not let me take anything with me. I was 99% sure I would have said no on my own, but I thought why take that chance: I ended up telling my doctor I was an addict, which I was scared to do, but he was very supportive. It turned out not to be kidney stones, and at one point thought I may have cancer, but it had s happy ending. I'm in a little pain because Alleve only does so much but I feel much better than if I had filled the script he tried to give ms at first. So just wanted to share that and tell others to get support if you gave to go to the doctor. Let someone know.  It helps!
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Congrats!!! One of the best ways to keep from relapsing is by telling your doctor about your addiction. It helps so much because now if you have to go to him for anything you don't run the risk of asking or being handed a script of some narcotic pain med. There are many other prescription meds that can be prescribed for just about anything. Now your doctor knows to take that route. Now you also know that you can't go to him and fake pain in order to get any. Being an addict that thought always tends to hover around in our head which in turn causes severe cravings. That's one less craving you will have to worry about!
Way to go and best of luck!

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Good Job!  That is one of the bravest things I have ever seen anyone do.  doctors really do have a lot of respect for their patients that are honest with them.
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Way to go on that month clean and congrats on telling your dr. Our secrets keep us sick, but you passed this test with flying colors:) Your doing great!
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Yeah... well done and so glad that it turned out not to be something like cancer, wesinbama... I am sure you felt great outside the doctor's clinic.... not having a refill, being honest to him and being cleared of that fear.. GOOD :)

and congrats on your 30 CLEAN DAYS !!!!
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great for you what a brave thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work. You give me such hope thank you for that : )
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Congrats on day 30!!! You were tested and passed with flying colors.
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Congrats on the 30 days that's an awesome job!!!!!   Also, way to go with being honest with the dr.  Don't you just love the way our brains only project bad stuff?  LOL!!!!  Glad you're doing well.
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Wow, thanks for the kind words. Talk about a range of emotions in one day. From worried about dealing with kidney stones without pain meds to a doctor telling you it's possibly testicular cancer. But I just wanted to share with those who may be afraid to tell their doctor. I wasn't embarrassed, I was scared he would blacklist me and tell me to not come back, but he was very understanding. And I can't stress enough to make a call to someone when you feel tempted. It helps. I went to a meeting last night and a guy wad debating going to a doctor for an injury, and we talked. I've learned to not try this alone! Thanks again For all the encouragement!
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Congrats on 30 days clean and being honest with your doctor!!  You are reaching out and it is paying off~~~~~sara
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