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30 days clean today!!!

Hello friends! I have been waiting for the opportunity to post my 30 DAYS CLEAN from Percocet 10/325 abuse. For those who have followed my journey and offered support----thank you! I could not have done it without this forum, and all the great people here!! My journey has been rocky, but it's a journey without pills. The days get better for sure!! Moving forward and never looking back!! For those just starting out keep on track. I am living proof that anyone can beat this! When I first gave up the pills cold turkey I set a goal to reach 30 days. Time to set a new goal now:) hugs to all!! xoxo.....KMK
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Thats awesome!!!! I am soooo far away from that and i think probably alot farther gone than u were but always helps to here success stories
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Hi!! Not sure what you were taking and for how long. I was taking 16  10/325 percs every day for the past 13 years. Such a waste of many years. Good luck to you...
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Congratulations!!!! You made it through to the other side!  Your mind will continue to heal as you continue to live life without pills, but the worst is behind u...exactly where it should be! :)
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So proud of you. You set your mind and off you went. Treat yourself good all week! xx
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Thank you so much for the encouragement!! It means a lot! I'm not going to pretend this has been easy! Days 28 and 29 (yesterday and the day before) were tough. I was tired and mentally craving pills. Just pushing through trying to make the right choices with a clear head!! Thanks again :)
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30 ROCKS ....  ok thats a tv show........

good work man,....

Anything to share that you can say really made the difference for you?


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Omg!!!! Doing happy dance for u!!! U are awesome!!! Congrats on ur clean time yeah!!!!! Keep it up!!! Before u know it well be celebrating 60 and 90 days!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Great job. Big hugs
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Hi KMK! Congratulations! I am just one step behind you and I agree that there are still some tough days! I still have emotional ups and downs, but so much better now! So proud of you! Never let your guard down and stay strong! You are truly an inspiration! All the very best!!
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Congrats on 30 days!!  That is a great achievement.  This addiction rears its ugly head when you least expect it so keep that guard up.  Are you doing anything with recovery care?
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Things that made a difference for me.........I never took any over the counter supplements or benzo's.....just immodium. I just fought the discomfort and lack of sleep head on and I found it got better rather quickly! I've been sleeping well since about day 8. I also have a very supportive husband who has helped me tremendously!! Funny, every day I circle the date on the calendar as a way of tracking and seeing my clean time!! Sounds funny but it works for me!! I take one day at a time. I don't expect to be perfect...I am far from that. I just try my best---I have 3 amazing kids and a wonderful hubby to keep me moving forward!!!!
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Thanks Dixie!!! We are kicking a** aren't we?? Bring on another 30!!!!!!!
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You are also a huge inspiration to me!!! I will never forget you were my first reply on my first post....that day I was in a deep dark place that I never imagined I'd make it out of!! But I did...we did!! It's brighter now!! Congrats to you too...you are doing awesome too!!!! Hugs!!
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Thank you!! I haven't done after care yet. Still skeptical of people finding my secret out. I probably should look into it though. Do you have any advice on that? Will it really help? Thanks :)
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Seriously so proud of your journey.  How I remember your first week.   I felt like I was living it with you.  Stay strong dear friend.  The journey will still be rocky at times but what I'm learning is we are facing "stuff" that IS life.  Before we drugged ourselves with the hope the stuff would disappear. But it never did.  Now we are clear-headed and meeting our daily challenges straight up and on.  You have proven to yourself how strong you are.  And committed.  That is HUGE.  Congrats darlin'
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Congrats on 30days! ~Bkitty
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30 is the first really big notch in your belt. Life will only get better as long as you're clean.
You will be tempted, so be aware. The mental side of recovery never ends, but what a fantastic start! Congrats.
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