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30 days today. 1 month free of methadone!

Just wanted to share that today is exactly one month (30 days) off of methadone for me!!  I'm super happy and super proud of myself.  It's been a rocky road as far as the physical stuff.  The first 2 weeks I did a lot of crying but mentally I feel good more times than not.  Physically is still rough, I hurt a lot of days but the restless legs are gone and the sleep improves each and every day.  I started having good days but still had some bad ones in between but now even the bad days aren't too bad.  
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Congrats on the 30 day mark, it will get better, i just hit 68 days.
Keep it up , god bless
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Congrats to you too!!!  That's awesome!
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WOW so happy for you!! I am on day 6 of no pain pills.. its HARD but  getting better.
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Keep up the good work!!  It will get easier as the time goes by.
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hey Jen  a big congrats on 30 days clean!!!!  time to hit a meeting and pick up a 30 day keytag  over time you can get a whole set of them  it is a great way to remember how far you have come.....the first 30 days are always the hardest....from here on you should notice steady improvements keep in mind everything comes in baby steps so try to be aware of the subtle differences just know that most people that go threw this see big improvements and recovery is usually some where in between 30 and 90 days from this drug...for me it was the 90 day mark where I finely felt like a member of the human race again so just stick with it  as always I recamend hitting the meetings  both N/A and A/A have good programs and you will find healing there keep posting for support we all want to see you well again
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That's awesome congrats keep it up
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Thanks to everyone for all the congrats wishes and support! I e been off heroin since early 2012 and on the clinic since 2007...was clean until end of 2011 when I had a few month relapse on heroin.  My life is so different today then I ever coulda imagined and a relapse is always possible but I can proudly say it's very unlikely with how I choose to live my life today and with all the support I have around me.  To anybody else who is trying to get off of opiates weather it's pills, heroin or methadone in living proof it can be done!!'  
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