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32 days feeling better

Well this is not really a question but instead a place for me to vent and be completly comfortable doing it. Ive been clean now for 32 days and just broke my all time record with this clean span of over a month. My physical addiction is completly gone and has been for the past like two weeks, but i am still having cravings. what i have come to think is that the cravings will always be there but with everyday that goes by it just becomes easier to say no. Im not having the easiest time now because the reality has set in that this is for real and i must stay this way. Does anyone have any ideas of how to get over those thoughts and move on complelty. anyone that could give anything would help dearly thank you all so much
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Have you tried any NA mtgs. or seeing a therapist/counselor?...if I don't deal w/ the things that made me want to use in the first place.....hence, the emotional numbing...i think I would never be able to stay clean....it's the aftercare/recovery(mental ) part of the process that kicks into gear now...and I know it works because I'm also a recovering alcoholic (17 yrs.) and if I didn't go to AA mtgs. i would be drinking right now too...you haveto deal with what got you here in the first place....
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Nicky: congrats,way to go. That is pretty awesome what you have accomplished.
Man the only thing that was working for me was replacing the need to get high with something else. In my case it was reading. I was never much for reading books but I bought some books on things I like and when I would get cravings at home I would start reading. I started doing the things i used to like doing, I went out and rode my 4 wheeler,took the harley out for a few rides. Played some games with my kids( i dont think you'll be doing that one). Replace those cravings with something else that you enjoy.
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oh yeah...CONGRATS on your 32 days clean..
.that is awesome!!!
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Congratulations on 32 days!!!!!!!  Now, a few people seem to be wrestling with this today and I'm gonna tell you the same thing.  First of all, you are normal, and you are not weak.  Secondly, addiction has two components although most people only consider the physical.  There is both physical and psychological addiction.  Your body, well, you know the science there.  It's hard for us to understand psch things sometimes, but look at it this way.  Your mind, in any given situation or dilemna asks itself to search it's database for a possible solution.  You have sh*t in your life from time to time as we all do and your brain in those sits says, "Mmm, what could work here?"  It now remembers one possible solution is to take a drug and feel better.  So don't be surprised this comes up.  On top of that, YOU remember that it worked.  So, until you and your brain find substitutes (like hangin' with a friend or whatever), it'll/you'll think of it.  Besides, it felt good right?  Well, why wouldn't you say hey to that?  Diff now is, you know the harm it does, you know better, and want to be better (are actually).  Just because you crave does not mean that you'll use, so don't be alarmed that you're craving and worry about using.  You're here.  You're not out somewhere using.  You did the right thing, didn't you?  That should tell you you're on the right track.
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32 days is awesome! Are you taking vitamins, minerals and amino-acids? This is so important. They help the body, that you abused, repair itself. Including lessening cravings. That first month or so I found that a really dark chocolate 70%+ cocoa helped remarkably well with cravings.
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