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35 wk Pregnant and just came off of Heroin
My baby will be born in the beginning part of November. From July - September I was using heroin (averaging about 1 nif per day) . I am 35 weeks now, and have stopped using completely for 5 days. During my time STUPIDLY using, I was not doing any other drugs, and I was keeping up with all of my vitamins. I did use half a sub (divided into 3 days) to come...
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I'm not a drug counselor, but do you have any type of support to help you stay off this drug? If not, I believe there are so many in the community that will offer you help. Not judging you, but for you to post a comment shows you care. But, in order for you to go any further as a mother, you have to get some professional help. I'll also be praying for you. Be blessed.
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Congratulations on your commitment to change I commend you on your effort to change this for the sake of your child(Ren) and yourself. Just take it one day at a time and pray God will help you through.
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Hello I'm currently in the exact situation as you and i was just wondering what Happened did they take your child? I'm super scared
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