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38 weeks pregnant - addicted to hydrocodone

I am going to try and give a brief overview of the previous question I had posted because I realize it was just too long! Hopefully this will be a much easier read and I can get more feedback because I am desperately seeking advice. Thank you in advance!

A few years ago I was prescribed hydrocodone 7.5/500mg for ovarian cysts. I had never been prescribed narcotics before and was unaware of all they entailed (the ability to become addicted, that it was illegal to take without being prescribed or to use other people's prescriptions, that you could go through withdrawal from quitting cold turkey, etc)

So after my cysts ruptured my boyfriend had them from a major surgery (his were 10/500mg) and let me use the remainder of his prescription and then also refilled his script and gave me those, too. When I ran out of them I went through withdrawal and ended up in the hospital, even though I didn't know it was withdrawal at the time and then didn't take the again for several months.

I was diagnosed with scolosis and latisis right before I became pregnant and my doctor prescribed me lortab 5.500mg. After I became pregnant and thought I couldn't take them I was informed otherwise and continued to take them, except I was taking several more than I was suppose to because I didn't feel anything. I decided to go to my doctor because I knew what I was doing was unsafe and I had hoped they would prescribe me a different dose or a different medicine but instead she called me an "addict" and put me on a detox script.

I did well with the detox script, but after a few weeks the pain from my back only increased with the pregnancy and I was able to find someone who would let me take them when I needed them, and this has been ongoing throughout the entire pregnancy. (the baby has shown to be perfectly healthy up until this point.) But my therapist let me know that taking them when they aren't prescribed is illegal and if the baby is born showing withdrawal symptoms or if the drug was in my system that CPS would take my kid away. She advised me to go to a rehab center to "cover my tracks" so it looked like I was trying to make the right choices for my child.

I went and they were extremely cold, and told me I didn't care about my kid and that I needed to go through rapid detox in an in-patient facility. I said "okay" but was told I couldn't go until I was in active withdrawal, which never happened. I was legitimately taking this medicine when the pain was bad, so my doses were pretty spaced out and not taken regularly. But this lady at the rehab facility was a mandated reporter so now I know CPS is aware of my usage but I don't know what that "means." Am I on a list somewhere that notified CPS when I go into labor? My OB isn't even aware of it.  I'd NEVER want to lose my child - but had my primary doctor prescribed me a different dose or a different medication from the very beginning I feel that I wouldn't have felt the need to self-medicate. I don't take these drugs to feel "high" (granted they take away my anxiety, and make me feel much "better") but to help me physcially function. And because I was labeled an addict no one wants to give me anything at ALL to treat my pain.

But I don't think it's fair that I could lose my kid because of that! But I know that's legally how it works. I could pop any day - what should I do? Would talking to my OB even matter at this point? If I went into labor today the drugs would be in my system. But I DON'T want to lose my child. But the pain is so bad that taking them doesn't feel like an option either. I know people say to just "deal with it, you're almost there" but it's not that easy.

Please, someone help me figure out what I should do before I lose my kid over this.
(sorry if this was still long - I tried to sum it up!) Thank you.
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I know you don't want to hear this but you have to stop taking the pills.... They cannot tell how your baby is doing while you are pregnant.... They can make sure she is growing and make sure that there is enough fluid, but in all reality that baby is going to go through withdrawals whenever she can't get the drugs anymore. You have no idea the long term effects that your baby will suffer from but you will find out. She might have learning disabilities, ADHD, memory issues, anything really. You are taking narcotic medication and have been taking it through your entire pregnancy. Your baby's brain developed on narcotics. This isn't going to be a fun time and if she is born with immediate issues, and you have narcotics in your system, they will take her from you.
I know that I am sounding harsh and believe me, I understand that a doctor prescribed these meds for you but I think that he was wrong in doing that and I hate to see you pay the price by losing your child. Quit taking the pills. Use heating pads, a hot shower, or get a back rub from daddy. You have to decide what is important here and I'm pretty sure you're going to choose your child.
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See - it's all so confusing. I hear so many different things from so many different people that it's hard to know what advice to take.  I know people who were prescribed it throughout their entire pregnancy and their children are teenagers now and are healthy as can be. And I've also been told that stopping the drugs immediately are even more dangerous.

I wish I knew what was 'right' because my childs well-being is my first priority, but suffering in pain every day has made my life a living hell, too. And I feel like people are always so quick to say 'put on a heating pad, or take a hot bath' but being in the amount of pain I'm in and having to be on my feet all day and functioning...well...it just doesn't help.   Even doctors give mixed signals. Some doctors are quick to prescribe while others advise against it entirely. I just never know what the right answer is.

I am NOT knocking your advice in any way. I know you are coming from a place of concern and want me to make the best possible decision. And you weren't harsh by any means. I think I need to just be honest with my OB at this point. And have him make the call on what I should do from here. Then I at least don't loom like I'm trying to hide anything.
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I would highly suggest talking to your obgyn.  So that they can be prepared just in case there is something wrong.  
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I think that is a great choice. I only suggest that you quit because you said that you didn't experience w/d symptoms so there shouldn't be too much stress on the baby. Definately speak frankly with your ob and understand that many docs out there don't understand the problems that have come out of over prescribing pain meds. Good luck to you and your baby!
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Worriedmommy please do not let people scare you anymore than you already are. If it would harm my baby, my OBGYN would NEVER have prescribed me pain meds during my pregnancy. I had tons of complications. My kidneys weren't fuctioning, I had kidney stones, and repetitive UTI's. Now we know I had a kidney disease the entire time called Medullary Nephrocalcinosis. Anyway, he explained to me that being in the amount of pain I was in was way worse for the baby than to do something to manage my pain.  He was right, several times when I was in severe pain it made me start having contractions, and like I've said my baby was born perfectly healthy, not fussy, no withdrawals, nothing. I'm so sorry you've been treated like you've have for simply seeking help but you've could delivery anyday. I don't want you to lose your baby. The best thing for houri have don't is told your doctor and weaned off really slow, but now you are already 38 weeks. Do you have bad withdrawals when you dont take anything? This is awful because all you were trying to do was get help and do the best thing for your child and you got treated awful.
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Yes, it matters - call OBGYN asap.  Pregnancy is painful and stressful enough with out all you are dealing with, I am sorry for that.
Please, please call and seek their advice.  This forum is wondeful but at this point your DR. is who you need to be asking.  Be honest and good luck :)
Keep us updated!
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Hi Mommy, I'm so glad you came back and posted again! I think what I would do, is get In to see your OBGYN and have an honest talk! Explain this whole situation and exactly what you are taking & how much! I can't say you should stop taking pain pills or not! But I think OBs see this situation pretty often! Do not be scared, or try not to be! Priority is for baby to be born healthy and for both of you to get medical treatment you need! You can deal with the rest of it, and it may be just fine, after the baby is born! I wish I could be there to hold your hand! You are not a bad person! I know you are confused and worried, but stress won't help you or the baby! I think you will feel better when you talk to the Dr. I'm praying for you and I care! Please let us know what happens! Private message me any time! Take care!!
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Here's the deal.Ur obgyn needs to know ur still taking them so that it can be put n ur chart.U need to have someone with u at the hospital that can vouch for the fact that they will be there to help(babies dad).As long as its n ur chart they won't take ur child u will c a cps worker before u go home who will come and ask questions but u won't lose ur baby.Im gonna write u a private message please check ur messages
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Here's the deal.Ur obgyn needs to know ur still taking them so that it can be put n ur chart.U need to have someone with u at the hospital that can vouch for the fact that they will be there to help(babies dad).As long as its n ur chart they won't take ur child u will c a cps worker before u go home who will come and ask questions but u won't lose ur baby.Im gonna write u a private message please check ur messages
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Sorry I haven't replied for a few days. I have read the private messages most of you sent me and will reply now. I have an appointment with my OBGYN today so keep me in your prayers that the conversation goes well! Like I've said...every other time I've reach out for any type of help it hasn't gone well, so I'm taking a risk here.
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Please come back & let us know Mommy! Definately sending prayers!!
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How many do you take? I was pregnant n taking oxycodone. I may have some insight for u
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GREAT news! Everything went extremely well after talking with my OB. I couldn't be more relieved. I explained the entire story. I told him how mid-pregnancy I tried to change what I was taking and that my primary labled me an addict due to me saying I was taking too much. But even he agreed that it was unwise of my doctor to prescribe me such a low dose when I had a recent history of taking it at a higher dose. He said that I should have been commended for coming forward with my baby's best interest, not labeled an addict. Admitting that you're taking "too" much may mean that you've become physically dependent on the drug, but there's a different between that and intent to abuse.

He apologized for me feeling like I couldn't have talked to him about this sooner, and that I've suffered throughout most of my pregnancy. My real addiction started when I had to "self-medicate" because my dosing wasn't well-controlled and that put me in a bad position, hence my getting mixed up with CPS and all.

So, long story short, he decided to put me on a prescription so that I don't have to get mixed up with CPS so now it's no longer an issue. He said we will work on weening me off and putting me on something different after the baby, but since I have been taking this throughout my pregnancy and he doesn't want to see me go through a crisis that isn't needed, that he felt better sticking to what I've been taking. He also said that as long as I take it as directed (he'd like me to stick to no more than 3 a day) than the baby shouldn't experience withdrawals. However, if that were to happen now they are informed of what I am taking and can be ready in case something goes wrong.

Now, there is absolutely no reason to fear CPS involvement, I'm on something to help my pain that my doctor KNOWS about - with a goal to be off of it post-baby with the help of my doctor, and I can sit back and take a breather and not have to fear losing my child over this.

Thank you all for encouraging me to talk to my doctor. It felt nice to know that not everyone is trying to judge you, and that most doctors really do just want to help you. And he really did. He was extremely understanding and didn't judge me at all. But I don't know if I'd have been able to come forward without all of this support after how I've been treated in the past. So - even though we're all strangers - I think this is the most effective way I've ever been helped throughout this entire process.

You guys are amazing. I hope I can return the favor and be of help to you and anyone else who may need it. I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms in 11 days (or less!)
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Mommy, I am so happy for you! You were in my thoughts all day except for when I was crying hysterically, but that's a different long story! Now you can relax and get ready for the new baby! How wonderful and exciting! Your doctor sounds great and supportive! I'm so glad you were honest with him! Honesty is the best policy and I don't blame you for being afraid after all you have been through! please take care and keep posting! Can't wait to hear about the new little one!! Best wishes!!
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God bless your doctor.  He sounds amazing.  I am so happy for you.  That's a lot of stress that is gone from your life that you don't need right now.  Good for you for talking to him.  that takes a lot of strength.
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Oh mommy I have goose bumps.  That is terrific and I am so happy for you :)
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yeaaaaa!!!! what wonderful news. i am so happy for you. i am so glad you found the courage to be honest. it all worked out for the best.. you should be delivering soon. when is your due date?
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Sonrissa - You were crying hysterically? I hope you're okay!

My due date is June 3rd. He has a feeling I will need to be induced because I am not effaced or dilating yet - so we're looking at two weeks or less, dependent upon whether I go into labor or go into be induced.

Yes - if it weren't for my doctor I'd be an anxious mess still. And if it weren't for all of the support on this forum who KNOWS where I'd be or what I'd be potentially dealing with. I also came home and was honest with my boyfriend about everything that has been going on which ALSO went better than I expected.

I am so glad I stumbled across this forum and was encouraged by Sonrissa to sum up my post and get more feedback. I can honestly say that by doing that I might have changed mine and my little baby girl's (Hailey Beth) life for the better. I am eternally grateful to you all.
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Well welcome to the world Hailey Beth! It's a rough world but you have a Mommy who cares and loves you so much! So much that she reached out for help so that you would be born healthy! This is absolutely the best news I've had all day! Can't wait to see the birth announcement!
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