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3rd try

This is my 3rd time to try to quit ultram  any advise?>
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Hi Pugman, and welcome to the forum.

It would help to know about your pattern of use ie Do you take the same amount every day? How much do you take? and how do you spread it through the day?

Also, how were you during the previous two withdrawals? and what triggered you to start again?

You will get loads of help, advice and support from the forum.

Look forward to hearing more from you.
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I read your thread from a couple of years ago.  What was the longest you managed to go without the tram & as Patti asked, what was the trigger to start again?

Depression is a common cause of relapse with tramadol which is not surprising given its antidepressant component.   For some this resolves itself once the brain has returned to its pre tram state but if you had some level of depression prior to starting tram, it can be harder to feel ok without it.

From what you wrote earlier, it seems that you feel a lot happier on the tramadol.  Have you ever had any help with depression, antidepressants or therapy?  You may find it easier to get through this time if you do get some support for the blahs.
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