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4 months pregnant addicted to pain medication

I am four months pregnant recently found out. I have been addicted to just about any pain killer I can get my hands on. But now I am pregnant and want to hear from other people who may have used methadone treatment etc during their pregnancy or what their doctors recommended and how were withdrawals for baby. Please don't judge I know some may say just quit but don't realize how hard it is. With two young children already and a profesional job I cannot go through withdrawals but I'm afraid of my baby suffering wd even with methadone. Please if u have been through this or someone u know share advice stories please.
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Hello Love Welcome to the forum.. I really have not much to say as you are wanting to further your addiction thru the Methadone.. I just came off that crap so I'm definitely Not the one to advise. I Hope you receive those with experience so you can make a informed decision. I can say babies 1 mine coming off Heroin is Awful to witness I'm sure Methadone is right with it and a longer wd for the lil one. I'm not judging believe me I just know the end results of our addictions all too well.. Take care of yourself and your lil one we only get one chance at making a perfect lil human.. lesa
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I was in a similar situation although I was already on methadone when I got pregnant.
I naively thought I would taper when I finally became pregnant but that was not the case.  They advised against it and split my dose. I was on 70 mg so I took 35/35.
My son was 5 weeks early  (not methadone related).
Unfortunately he did suffer withdrawals and it was heart wrenching. We were told we wouldn't be able to take him home until he was completely tapered off the methadone. I guess they typically don't send parents home with medication for the baby.
Since I followed the program and didn't use other drugs they let us take him home at 7 days.  He didn't fully taper until 6 weeks. We had to have a nurse come out every week and assess him and count all the meds we had.
I also had to drive to that hospital (45 min drive) every week to pick up the meds.
The withdrawal was horrific and I knew exactly what he was going through. I cried to the NICU Dr doing rounds and in front of all the nurses. Just broke down.
It was just terrible and a very terrible thing I did to my own baby. And guess what? I did it AGAIN. I got pregnant when my son was 3 mos old. I justified it to myself. Telling myself that you can't taper when pregnant anyways, people do it all the time, she'll be fine, etc. Really the list went on and on. I knew it then and I know it now, it was all just a bunch of b.s. I told myself to make ME feel better.
My daughter was born 15 weeks early tho (again, not methadone related)
And she was on pain meds that they give micro preemies. So if she had WD we didn't know about it.

Starting Methadone was the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life. Hands down.
I too had a professional job and couldn't take the WD and work. When I started the clinic I was single with no kids and none in sight.
My poor husband never even smoked pot in his life and now pays for my addiction and had to deal with 2 kids being born on it. I just think you should talk to your Dr about what you can do and avoid the clinic at all costs.

Congrats on the new baby! You can pm me if you want to talk.  
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My son was born when my methadone dose was 80mg and he didn;t need to be tapered off because of WD. We took him home 4 days after he was born. And yes I did feel bad about having a baby on methadone but my choices were that or to keep injecting heroin so as soon as I found out I went to the rehab and they started me on methadone. by the way my son is 6 now and he's very healthy, smart, and he's tall for his age (95th percentile) so try not to worry. Do what you think is best for you and your baby. But I will say methadone is hard to come off of.
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This puts my situation in huge perspective...  maybe ask yourself what YOUR mom would've done.
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