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4th day the worse

I haven't posted before, but have been reading the forums.  I quit Vicodin (5/500..3 pills a day) 4 days ago. I have been on them for 6 years because of back and hip pain. Of course I had the chills, shakes, insomnia, diarrhea etc. on the first 2 days.   But on day 3 I was feeling a little better.  Until today!!  Thankfully I got rid of all my pills because if there had been any vicodin around, I would have taken it today.

Has anyone else experienced feeling better and then feeling horrible around the 4th or 5th day?  I had a lot of physical work today....could this have brought on feeling horrible?  I had to quit what I was doing to sit down and try not to fall over.  I had the shakes, dizzy and felt really weak.

I don't have a place where I live to get the ingredients for Thomas' recipe, but if I feel better tomorrow, I will try to make the 1-1/2 hour drive to a town with a health food section.

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Yes, when I'm out, it's day 3 or 4 that I feel my worst.  Irritable, nauseous, diarrhea, stomach pain, achy, etc.  Miserable.  But I slowly come out of it.  

I suggest shutting off your phone and just baby yourself until you're functional again.

Best wishes to you :)
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You can do it...you are so close to feeling much better. For me, day 5 was when I realized I was going to be ok. I know that was only yesterday, so I am not trying to sound like a wise old woman or anything, but each day gets a little better. Energy and sleep are supposedly the last to come back and definitely haven't returned for me. As some wise person told me here you just need to be ok with not being ok for a while.
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Thanks for the support.  

Every time I feel scared and anxious, I come to this site and have really gotten a mental boost because I no longer feel like I'm alone and a weak person.  

I have a great supportive husband, but that isn't enough to overcome the quilt of addiction.

I think I can get through this withdrawal.  The discussions on this website have really helped me.
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WD is different for everyone.  And it is totally possible to feel ok one day and not so well the next. (esp at the point you are at) Weakness is one thing lots of us struggle with in the beginning.  No energy, insomnia, weakness.  Drink gatorade....lots of it.  And try to keep some food in your stomach.  That will help some.  Time will help you the most!!!

Good luck!
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