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5 days off oxy...still on tramadol

I've been around this site since 2012. I don't like the new format. I've seen other posts so I won't beat a dead horse.
I fell off my roof last September. Neck injury began the trips to doc, then ortho, then surgeon. My neck is missing a bunch of cartilage, arthritis, stenosis, etc. surgeon said I would need 2 fusion surgeries. He said I'm too young (55) for such a dramatic loss of motion. So I landed at pain clinic. All the while I'm taking 3x daily 10mg oxycodone.
I found a great doc at pain clinic. PRP treatments (3 over 6 months) is what he said would more than likely help me a great deal. I had one 2 months ago, 8 needles thru back of neck to spine, injecting the PRP into the damaged areas.
Well, the many delays and postponements, and me going broke (no insurance coverage for PRP) prolonged this nightmare so long, I had to get off the opiates before I fell deeper into addiction and maybe ended up on H or dead.
I decided to quit pain clinic and see my own doc and get off the opiates. I've also been taking tramadol as they prescribed it so not to increase dose of oxy when I had to go back to work. So at the moment I'm on 400mg of trams per day. My thought was to wait a week and taper off the trams. When this is over I plan to get the other 2 PRP treatments as the first one has done wonders for my neck. The W/D from the oxy has been minimal. I was given clonodine  and the trams of course so not much suffering just some sleep issues, a bit of the runs etc. I believe the pain clinics want to keep us drugged and stupid as long as possible. I don't blame my doc, he is a compassionate and caring person. The clinic however is interested in profit and profit only. The longer they keep us the more $$ they make. This is my opinion bases on my experience.  I'm a recovering alcoholic/addict. I've had long periods of sobriety, 6 years, 5, now over 4. I use the 12step programs as aftercare. Only thing that's ever kept me clean. The tricky part of this whole deal is staying clean. I put the same amount (or more) of effort into staying clean as I did to get high. To those of you out there lurking, being free from chemical dependence is the best feeling ever. It's worth whatever you have to do to get clean. Soon I will be present for my kids again. The drugs put up a wall. They take over. It's subtle at first so you don't realize it until you stop. To those of you thinking about quitting pills, just remember the old Nike ads...JUST DO IT. You will be so happy you did. Talk to your doc, if you can, be honest, they can and will help us if he/she is a compassionate human being. Most are in my experience and once you open up to them you will feel a weight lifted, at least I did. God bless all of you and thank you for being here.
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