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5days with no tramadol plz help

Ive been 5 days clean from tapering and feel fine. No w/d at all. My question is why dont i have Any pain anymore? When i was taking tramers i had plenty of pain. Any thoughts? Also i have been taking them for 2 years. Thax
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h mate congrats on ur cleantime i dont know what to say other than a big congrats if ya pain aint there than there is no reason to stay on them i reckon your one in a million very lucky mate.. stay strong hugs from oz aj
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i was also w/d free from tapering off hydros on day 5.  BUT be careful around day 5 or 6 the cravings hit me.  This isnt withdrawls but it is your body and mind waking up and there are certain chemicals opiates have in them that your body needs. When you take opiates, your body stops making them because it doesnt need to.  Now that your body is trying to create a balanced environment, you will start to feel cravings as it now knows what it needs and your muscle memory is going to dictate you reach for a pill because your body knows that was its quick fix to get those enzymes/chemicals into you blood stream.  Prepare for a mental battle, but all in all you are on the home stretch.
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Well ive started taking naltrexone (kindof like suboxIn without the addictive part ).  Ive  been doing pretty good. Alittle pain  but very mild. Today was a very rough day for me tho. Very mentally draining. So i ended up at my moms for the night. My place just wasnt where i wanted to be. Dear god or whoever plz help me be back to  normal. Thats all i want!!!! Thank u everyone!
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Today was much better. My back was well. I took some klonopin and that helped alot. So today is over and onto the next!!!
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