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5th day no methadone!

I just stumbled across this site and decided to pay it forward because reading all these posts about opiate w/d's makes me sad so many people are suffering when they dont need to be.
I have a 7-8 year opiate addiction(3 yrs heroin/oxys and 4 yrs methadone) Was on 120mgs and tapered down to 40mgs, by myself, with mininumal withdrawals. 40-20 mgs was hard. RLS, no sleep, fatigue, tired and worst of all stomach pains/discomfort/diahria. At this time i was doing lots of research because, to be honest, i couldnt do it on my own and im usually the type of person who does things on their own.
I found some evidence that cannabis helps opiate withdrawals and studies done on actual methadone patients and the study showed it helped their w/d symptoms. Now back a step up, cannabis? Didnt we end up in this place, replacing one drug for another? Well, simply put yes, but were not replacing it are we? Cannabis masks mainly all the problems opiate withdrawals shove down our throats and its natural and not physically addictive.
So i vaped only when my w/d's were acting up mostly at night and morning. Usually good during the day. Did this till 20mgs and it got real hard. Started making hash capsules/edibles and my life changed forever with no more w/d's. I realized i needed edibles the whole time. So I did this down to 10mgs and i easily couldve just stopped here. Since nobody believed me that i felt fine, i continued the taper to 3 mgs.
First week of that dose i started eating lots of veggies/water//fruits, no processed foods, no red meat, extra protien, immodium when needed, multi and a b-complex vitamins. I quit taking methadone on that saturday, skipping the next final 3 weeks, and this is where i am now. 5 days and im cruising. I feel sooo much better than i have for the last 8 years. I have been willingly active(not forced) but still get exhausted pretty easily(nothing qigong cant fix), stomache acts up 24/7 but still nothing like 40-20mgs. Ive been sleeping 5+ hrs now, try to exercise as much as possible(injured knee) and eat a bunch of food. Lets lock the devil out for good!
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Hi...and welcome to the forum......well im glad your ''cure''' is working for you....we have mixed reviews on using weed to help it works for some but not for others....your doing surprisingly well so early in methadone withdrawal....hands down it is the hardest kick out there...  for most it can take quit a wile to come around  it took me a good 90 days to start to get better  I came off a 7yr habit at 150 and was 47trs old....age plays a huge role in recovery  the 20 somethings bounce back a lot quicker then someone in there 40 like I was  we use a formula of how long?? how high a dose??/ and your age ?? to estimate how the withdrawal will be.....I noticed your sleeping that is huge it took me around 2 mo to get anything even close to a nights sleep.... the ''energy crash'' is always a major symptom with this drug....exercise will help...eating health is critical also but you seam to have that down....anyways how old are you??? where here to help just know methadone withdrawals comes in waves and this drug is notorious for being very cyclic just when you think your over it it comes back with a vengeance...just know your doing really good....in fact great for 5 days clean  the real key here is all about attitude and yours rocks where here to offer support and answer questions so keep posting
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Im 28 and now 145llbs. Lost 40llbs from methadone weight gain. I used heroin and oxy here n there for 3 years. Got on methadone for 4 years to the highest of 120mgs(2yrs). Started tapering 1.5 years ago. I would have to add tho on the cannabis part that its not really that simple. You will have to find a strain that works for you and make sure its an indica. i have found bubba kush to blanket most w/d symptoms for me tho. I have tried a sativa during my tapering and that was a huge mistake and made things way worse. Thanks for the support, im disappointed i just found this forum-wouldve helped a lot a couple months ago. i really wanted to win the battle this time tho. Ill be keeping this updated to let anyone know if this worked. if i gave you enough info and you get a chance, can you let me know what to expect for duration of w/d's?
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*i iv'd heroin for 3 years and oxy for times i was sick and no money* is what i shouldve said
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Hi....well as far as your detox goes your sorta in the middle with lenth of time...(4yrs)  5yrs or longer is considered long  your dose was 120 that is high but not over the top....but your age is really going to help your still young....the detox is normally a 10day to 2 week thing with many people not getting symptoms until day 10....it is not so much the severity of the withdrawal so much it is the long recovery that makes this drug hard to kick...there are a few things you can do to help... get up to walmart and pick up some epsom salt for the bath 1 cup to a bath....this has magnesium in it that soaks into your body it helps with sleep and the aches and pains...methadone robs your body of this key mineral  also  pic up a can of ''whey protein shake mix'' the raw protein will help with energy threw out the day and it also has a boat load of ecential amino acids to help heal the brain it is like 18 bucks for a 2lb can  just 1 scoop to a glass of milk so it last a long time... drink 2 to 3 a day it comes in 3 flavors the chocolate is good....as for support your going to need all you can get....we always say getting clean is the ez part it is staying that way that takes work.....aftercare is a critical step  I have tryed most.. first the pastor of my church....then a addiction therapist...then a substance abuse counselor...all helped me stay clean but none addressed the addictive behaviors the obsessions the compulsions the resentments and the need for instant gratification where running my life....I figured after 35 yrs of abuse it was to be expected....NOT TRUE!!!! out of desperation I found N/A...  N/A is the only progam that I know of that treats the addict and behaviors with time and working the progam you will learn the skills to overcome the shortcomings that plague the addict...best part is it is free unlike the 75.00 per visit charge for the therapist...the meetings are only a hour long and will give you some place to share where the people will understand...and over time you will meet a lot of clean friends that network to help each other stay clean...the best part of the progam...I have lost the very desire to get high....something I thought was impossible..so google N/A in your area and go....as always keep posting here for support and just know no mater what this drug puts your threw it is so so worth it to be free of the liquid handcuffs
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