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6 months off methadone and don't feel normal!

Hello, I was on streets drugs for 10 years then I got into a methadone clinic and was taking 100mg per day for another 10 years. I detoxed myself cold turkey off of the 100mg a day which took three months of pure hell to detox completely off of it. Once I was done with the physical symptoms, then started the mental symptoms. It's been 6 months since I came off of it and I still am trying to find a solution to feel normal or at least be able to function normally in society. It's caused many problems such as; sleep disorder, bad blood pressure, rls, and bad muscle spasms. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!
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Unfortunately, a specific time frame cannot be set for you to feel normal again; after using methodone for so long. Those who use it on short term can have a guess but those who were on long term- it takes a very long time. Some say 1 and 4 months; others say 2 years; while others say that the time frame can even be more.
Now that the drug is gone; you will see the difference and the difference is the reality of life where you will have to have your own energy reserves from your body to get on with your day, rely on your own emotional state and so on. Without the drug and the hardships of life; there might be a temptation to go back.
What I would recommend is to get the vitamin D injections since most people are vitamin D deficient. This vitamin D gives mental alertness and calmness in a safe, natural and nonaddictive way. Also, either B12 or B complex injections help out a lot in mood, emotions, digestion, concentration and energy.
The B12 or B complex along with the vitam D can be an inmerse resource for your situation. But I must say that it must injections because pills or liquid of the B or D vitamins take long to take effect and they might either work or not work at all. Also, the B complex is better than the B12 but the B complex injection is naturally painful.
I would trust nothing from the doctors they inject, my Son has Asperger(Mild autism) and is Bi-polar from Vaccines. Try CBD oil I just got through kicking  Methadone for 15 Months and still I'm kicking it mildly. I tried kratom and it is addicting. I started with only using it when I had to go out and do things. but I did get addicted when I could not handle kicking Methadone anymore. Luckily I had a pill Machine and had to buy Capsules to make them some take it as powder and could not detox themself. I took pills and it was easier to detox just cut myself down 1 a day for up to 3 days. CBD oil is non-addicting cause it is made from Marijuana and does not produce a high. It also cures cancer and just a drop a day keeps cancer at bay. They are using it for children for seizures, Fibromyalgia, And other pains and Autoimune disease there is no high it relaxes you also. They are saying it is good to kick with.  
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Try CBD Oil non-addicting and they say it is good to kick Opiates with. You can get it on-line
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IMO...what your looking for is recovery.  You've gone through the physical part of w/d, now it's time to go through the mind f**k that is going on in your head.  Recovery, i.e., N/A, A/A, Celebrate Recovery, is where you will get relief for what your going through.  It IS for everybody, but not everyone is interested, so it's on you to decide.  I'm not into pushing anyone into recovery, however, I w/d off of suboxone after taking 24mg a day for 7 years.  I quit cold turkey Jan 1st, 2014 and have been clean ever since...4 years and 3 months.  I had a very similar timeline to yours, 3 months of physical w/d and I felt like a wet noodle for months after that.  What helped TREMENDOUSLY was finding recovery.  Eating healthy, exercising, getting regular sleep, meditation, all help as well...but getting to the root of your issues will help more!

Good luck to you.
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