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6 weeks clean

Posting my progress seems to make me feel better ha so here I am!! You all know the struggle riding out the mental stuff still, depression is the main one. But when you love opiates more than sex of course your depressed. Wish I knew for how long. Take care
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Hey OneFor, congratulations on making the six weeks.  Thats awesome.  Things will get better mentally very gradually.  You just really have to be as patient as you can.  When you have bad thoughts try to exercise, or listen to music or do something to change your state of mind.  Are you involved in any kind of aftercare?  
Not in Na,and thank you for the encouragement.
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Good for you. Im jealous! Im 2 weeks and 3 days clean from pills and methadone... tapering from kratom now... i cant wait for 6weeks for me. Im jusy now getting my "mental" back. Im not in aftercare yet, but see a therapist-doesnt really help, but i still go just in case. Happy for you.
Still 17 days is better than days 3-7, keep up the good work!! I read about kratom it sounded great but I knew if it was that good it must suck coming off of. You haven't been on it very long tho no?
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6 weeks is awesome!  I am a little over that myself.  It has been a rough journey.  We are worth the fight. Depression is the worst for me as well.  Today is the first day I didnt cry yet at all. I normally cry numerous times a day.  People on here keep saying the depression will get better in time.  I am just trying to stay positive and believe them.  Keep on keeping on.  I go to a therapist who is somewhat helping me.  I too liked opiates more than just about anything. I have to desire any longer for them as this aftermath is hell and I never want to be in this mental place again.  Hang in there and keep posting your journey.  We can try and help you and your journey helps us as well!!
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