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60 Days

Just wanted to thank everyone again for all the help and support.  It's been a journey to say the least... but a journey I'm proud to be on.  I feel better today then I have in a long time.  I couldn't have done it without all of you.  If you are just starting out... stick close to this site.  It is an invaluable tool in your recovery.  

Thank you to everyone!

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   Sean...so happy you are doing good!!!!!...I can't wait until I can say that!....60 days is AWESOME!!!!!
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well done my friend..  i'm dang proud of you Sean,  keep up the good work..
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Way to go Sean!
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Hey there my friend - WOOT WOOT 60 days!  Yes great job!  You make me laugh which is a great gift - thank you for that!   Keep it coming!
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hi Sean
u ve been through alot during ur recovery.... 1st ur elbow then bad stomach. recovery itself s difficult and u had 2 more bumps. u r done great.
well done bro
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congrats!  Keep up the good work!
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Thanks all..... Couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you,
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Congrats! You have made a difference here and helped and motivated a lot of people, including me. Thank you :)
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Go Sean! Congrats to you!! Awsome! So happy for you! (/)(|)(\)!! Im doing the happy dance!!! LOL ~Bkitty
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Thank you both...  You have helped me as much if not more...

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Hi   great job!  keep it up    awesome!
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North East would you mind sharing what you have successfully recovered from? I know it would help me just knowing how someone has successfully gotten off of drugs!

How did you get off of the drug. Look forward to hearing your story if you dont mind sharing or if anyone knows the story. I am new to the site and am looking for any hope I can find that this drug can be recovered from!

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Sent you a message...  Check your inbox.

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Thanks I replyed.
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Can you resend?  Never got it. Tried to message you... not sure it went through.  
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Im so proud of you. look how far you've came. look at your achievement with pride confidence and self love. is it a wonderful feeling when you see that you can take control over your life again. your in charge. keep this feeling close. keep your guard up tho. ok??!! so so happy for you. what an accomplishment. its amazing when. you started and where your at today??

You give so much hope and inspiration to all. i give you the gold star award.
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60 days-a HUGE milestone!  Very proud of you and all your hard work.  Keep moving forward with all of that beautiful kindness and compassion and CELEBRATE life.  Wishing you peace...
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I am so proud of you Sean.  The transformation has been amazing~sara
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HE DUDE congratsts on 60 days itd on of the mile stones work aftercare into your plan and you'll do fine its is step to sobriety
good luck and God bless..........Gnarly
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Great job, you were there for me right from the beginning, and your words of encouragement are invaluable, thanks for giving back.
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Hi Sean!  Congrats on 60 days my friend - that's huge!  Sorry I'm a day late, but better late than never.  

You are a good person, with a kind word for everyone, and I'm happy for you.  

Wishing you continued success...

Sandy ♦
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Belated congratulations on 60 days NE!!! I've been out doing life and not on the forum so much these days. 60 days is a big milestone. Keep p whatever you are doing to stay clean and you will stop counting the days.
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