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600 freedom days

today i hit day 600....thank you to everyone who has helped me reach this point....couldn t have done it without ya....i think i still would be in a dark world if i hadn t found medhelp and all the great people who hang out here....i cannot thank you enough.   to those struggling.....believe in yourself....you can do anything you want....you control you...we can live life without a crutch if we really want it....look around choose your own ground (pink floyd)
today sara hits 666 so let us all wish her a great day....congrats sara....maria :)
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congrats to both of you!! very inspiring for those of us just starting out. thank you!!
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Congrats to you Maria!!! And to you too Sara!!! I only hope with all my heart someday i will meet you guys at those 600+ days!!! Luv, Jacky
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Maria---Congratulations to you me dear friend!!!  I am so grateful to have had the privilege of sharing our recovery journies..  You have been such a wonderful friend to have here.  4 days to go for me to join you in the 600 club!!

Sara--Congratulations to you too my dear!!!!  You are such an inspiration to me.  I "stalk" your profile nearly everyday to gain some wisdom and good advice.  You rock!  
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Congrats to you both!  Two of my fav ladies..both inspirations!  Way to go  :)))
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(((((Maria and Sara)))))      You give hope and wisdom to all of us...

V.   xo
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I am so proud of you maria~~~~600 days is such an accomplishment.  These last few months you have really grown and it is so refreshing to see.  I have really enjoyed getting to know you.  You are a wonderful assett to this forum as you speak from the heart.  May you blessed with continued clean days my friend~~~~~~~
Off to do the happy dance, Minnesota style!!

Hugs to you, the baby and the beagles~~~~~~~sara
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Wow, thats amazing. I really want to know when the *mental* part got better for you. I went ct from full blown addiction 100+ mgs a day and although the wds were horrid it was the mental part - depression and anxiety that led me to relapse last week. I only had a few weeks in and I wonder how much longer it would have been if I would have hung in there that it would have gotten better. Did you go through really bad mental stuff too? If so, when did it start getting better? Do you do aftercare? If so what has helped you stay clean the most. I am always interested in asking these questions of people with signifigant clean time. Most of all I want to say CONGRATS. People like you here are an inspiration to me. It gives me hope that I CAN do this for once and for all.
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Yeeehah Maria, you rock girl!!!
You are a true inspiration to me, it humbles me to see how you have fought for this and kept your mind set. Awesome Sweetie!
Keep on keeping, sooooo proud of ya!
kisses and hugs to you and the baby boy.

Sara, what can I say but thank you for everything you do for us all, you are some exceptional woman. Hugs and love to you
xoxoxo. sophie.
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Hey Girl congrads on 600 days thats like increadable it gives guys like me hope
that this thing can go on long term ive only got 127day so 600 seams light yrs away'
but like they say just for today and one day at a time....thank you so much for sticking around to post your success it gives me hope that someday ill be there also
good luck and my God bless you abundantly....Gnarly
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thank you....all of you for your support and well wishes....i had a great day with a few close friends...and it s so nice to read all your comments...i don t feel like anything special ...thank you....i can t be here as much as i would like but my goal is to try to help others in any way i can.... be it support or information as i was helped so much in the early days of recovery....no matter what hour or day you are clean it all matters....i remember hour 48... day 57 and so on thinking i can t wait till 100 and suddenly we hit it and time goes on and just keeps adding up...you will get there...we have to be patient and live one day at a time...fighting everyday never giving in......be strong everyone...wake up everyday free...kick butt.....we can all do it together forever...love and hugs to all....maria day 600 :O
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