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62 days of freedom...

I am feeling F***ing amazing...I feel like a man again.  feeling happy, sleeping well, waking up with energy, wife is happy, kids are happy.  My life has been saved.  I pray to GOD everyday I never fall back to satin.  Church has been Huge for me.  I found a place that brings me peace and happiness and has taught me to let go of my past and keep my guard up so I dont make the same mistakes again.  I had a sinus infection last week and went to my dr and she gave me leviquin.  she wanted to give me a cough syrup for the nasty cough and I said NO THANKS :)

damn that felt GOOD
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Hey Dude congrats  62 days is ausum im so happy to here how your life is going....this is they way it is supose to be  drug free it also helps the nebees to see some one doing it....your story can help others that are just getting started .....keep posting for support  work some form of aftercare and you can have the rest of your life free from active addiction.........................Gnarly..................................
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Thats fantastic. Im at 109 days. I too have had a couple sinus infections. I know exactaly what cough syrup you're talking sbout and none for me either!! Thats so fantastic! Keep up the great work!!
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