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69 days!

Hi everyone. I've been (and remain) without computer access so I've not been able to check in. I'm doing well, going to meetings, working steps and helping others. MH is my saving grace, and I have not forgotten you or where I came from... circumstances though have kept me away. I have had countless moments where the drugs were readily available to me, and have NOT used them. It is very possible and very simple. I pick up my phone and call people who are in recovery and I pray my arse off! If this drug addict can say no, anyone can.

I love you all... (hate typing on my phone so its short but sweet)

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Amy, I am so glad to hear you're doing well! I sent you a few notes. Congrats on your recovery! Sounds like you have a solid plan in place! My best, Kathy
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Yeaaaaa AMY!!!!!!

So proud of your 69 days.  You are a role model to everyone here and this site is more effective with people like YOU here so hurry back.

It's amazing to me how far you have come since the day of the big flush.  I was incredibly proud of you then for flushing and even more so now for growing.

Keep working it Amy, your success is contagious.

Your friend,


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