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7 day detox

has anyone ever been in a detox program in a hospital setting for 7-10 days?  if so, did it help and was it worth it?
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My wife spent 6 days in a medical detox to get away from vic's. She is finishing 12 days clean today. It was an immense help to her as her w/d's were very rough for 4 days then she was able to think a little clearer each day. She also did not want family to see her that way especially the kids.
Hope this helps good luck and God bless
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hi and thank you for the reassurance, like your wife, i don't want my kids to see me this way anymore and feel it is the most important thing, not only for me, but for them to try and win this addiction thing once again.  i'm tired of having my kids seem me as being 'not well', or 'not feeling well again', or mom's 'tired',  i've never taken vic's (i assume you mean vicodin), but have heard it's quite difficult to get off of.  i am addicted to codeine and ativan and had a similar problem a few years ago, and went into a rehab clinic for almost once month which helped.  i don't have a month to spare again right now, but i am hoping the weekd detox can and will help. your wife should be proud of herself, she's lucky to have the support.  thanks again
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it should help except for the attivan addiction could be problematic.
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My friend went to a detox and they used subutex for 5 days to help with her withdrawals...consisted of alot of NA meetings around the clock...she has been clean 2 years  check around because many use different approaches...one guy said the one he went to gave u absolutely nothing to help with detox..he was on his own and shared a cubicle with another guy....if u decide to go this route...visit the center and find out the protocols they use
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Excellent idea - sometimes it's a relief to just get yourself out of the day-to-day - and to a safe place where you don't have to think about it. You don't have any daily/usual responsibilities and can just focus on detox!

Seems to help with the obsessing since there is no place to get drugs - you can't just impulsively run out and use. Also, I'd like to remind you that detox isn't a punishment - so, you should be kept real comfortable. If you know a good psychiatrist, maybe he/she can admit you to the facility - then he/she will be doing your prescribing. It's also helpful to have the support you get in a facility.

Good luck!
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I was/am in the same boat as you.  I have two children that I home-school and I am a full-time college student, and married to a military man.  We just moved to our current duty station (Naples, Italy) six months ago and my doctor wanted me to go to a 30-day inpatient rehab in Germany.  Well, it just was NOT going to work for me.  My husband is working nights right now and could not take 30 days off to be with our kids.  Granted, my children are older (15 and 10) but to leave them alone until 2 a.m. 5-6 nights a week was just not okay for us.  So, I took matters into my own hands.  I figured out how long I wanted to take to get off of them, counted out my pills, worked a schedule out, and went for it.  I went from 4-5 20mg Oxycontin AND 10+ Vicodin 5/500s per day less than a month ago and I am on my 5th day free of them.  I told my kids I had a virus.  They knew that I was trying to get off of the pills but I didn't think that they needed to know exactly what was going on.  I had diarrhea, cold sweats, anxiety, and just a "blah" feeling for about 2 weeks.  Today is the first day that I feel like a real person again.  It's just past noon and I've cleaned my bathroom, mopped my floors, cleaned off the mountain that was on my dining table (we can actually eat at it again!) and am on my 3rd load of laundry.  That is more than I've done in the last 3 months combined.  Now I'm going to get off of here and go bake cookies!

I'm telling you all of this to tell you that you don't HAVE to do the rehab thing - you can do it at home.  However, if I had the time I probably would have done the rehab thing myself.  You will have some days that all you want to do is sleep - I did.  The first BIG taper down that I did (taking out the Oxy completely - went from about 150mg of hydrocodone to about 60-65mg) I slept for probably 18 out of the 24 hours that day.  It's okay.  Some day I may tell my kids what really happened just so that they're aware of the dangers, but I'm not ready to do that yet.  Maybe in another 5 days.  :-)

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thank you for sharing, it helps to know that there are people out there with similar situations and can identify with the same issues, i.e. kids, work, reality.  I did go to rehab several years ago and it DID help - until now.  i learned that i will always have a problem with prescription pills and that i can't even take one.  i also will have the opportunity to do a detox program for one week next week.  friday is my last day of work at my current job and i have accepted another job not next week but the week after, i have taken one week off in between and the last place i thought (or wanted) to be was in a detox program - not exactly how i wanted to spend my 'vacation' time, but realize that i HAVE to and am on a waiting list to get in for that week.  my kids are 12 and 16 and this has been really difficult for them to understand, but they are doing a good job.  i wish i could put all this behind me.
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I didn't have the option of detoxing in-patient somewhere. But if I did - I'd have done it in a heartbeat as discretely as possible.

I actually checked myself into a hotel for the first two days after withdrawal got really bad, turned off the cell phone, turned on the TV, and just let myself feel horrible. About the only time I got up was to take a shower or bath or occasionally to eat a snack.

I'm not sure I could have dealt with any stress from anybody at that point and although I can't describe anything as 'nice' during that period. It was a plus to be in a different place with absolutely no pressure on me.
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