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7 days after methadone

well dang ,I wish this thing was over, but it seams this stuff gets a hold of you and dosent like to let go .....
I guess what im saying is im "sick of being sick" although I know it could be alot worst there are times
that it does get to me ...ive been in a sorta constant state of withdrawals for the last 8 weeks of tapering
and was kinda hoping that by now it would have let go with 7 days clean ...last night 3hr sleep night b/4
2 hrs sleep  and theres sorta a constant anxiety that just hangs in the middle of my chest all day long
then theirs the panic attacks and the rsl thing ......although these symptoms are unpleasant and can seam
like a bit much .....I refuse to look at this as a negative thing....as my body goes threw this it only strengthens
my resolve to keep going ...yes my opponent is tuff and evil but I  refuse to let it beat me and the shaking and
sleepless nights are only a temporary thing, this to shall pass with time...as I have said b/4 im in this for the long haul ...whatever it brings, my faith in god and my own resolve will be enough to concur this thing I just wish
I could speed up the hands of time and be done with it....as for now im going into day 8 today and i do feel
better today then i did yesterday as is so for the day b/4 so as minute as progress is....its still progress
and the hold is loosening its grip ...just slowly ...I write this only with one thing in mind ..to give others hope
and to let them know it is doable with the right attitude...and hey im 7 days clean who woulda thought...
certainly not me when I was stuck at 20mg of the stuff ...people that are going thew this need hope
even when it seams hopeless you can do this even if its just baby steps at first in the end we will
all run free and methadone will be a pat of life we rember ....not a part of our life forever....with this
I will end ....to all those fighting ...keep up the good fight dont give in it cant even be an option if
your to win this thing and although im not feeling great yet im going into 8 days of the rest of my life
and it is SO SO WORTH IT.......Gnarly        

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Hey congrats -- another day!  Are you doing anything special to try to help with the wd -- like the supplements and exercise?  It's good to hear that you feel a little better each day, but you have been such a big help to others that I'd love to have see free of this stuff today!
Really, if your reason for posting is to help others, you've done that a hundred times over.  I know you've given me the strength to go for it and get it over with.  And I know you've helped so many others.  You should feel really good about yourself -- I hope you do.  Thanks for all of your help thus far.  :)
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I'm so proud of you!  You are trusting in God to get you through and he will.  He knows everyting about you and wants you to be free from this stranglehold.  Just keep on believing you can do it.  I Love you and have seen you come through worse things.  I believe in you!  Your Awesome!
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Gnarly, please know you have a lot of people praying for you.  It makes me really nervous because you're still sick and I'm still tapering but I have the resolve in me that I will make it through.  Now that it's over, do you think it would have made any difference if you had just jumped at 20, or 10?  The last few weeks on it were hell anyway.  Please hang in there.  I went 60 days without it  after cold turkey off 240mgs. Then stupidly went back on it.   I'm hoping it will be a little better this time.  You still give me hope.  I'm not unrealistic and think, hey last dose, I'm cured!  I know afterwards there will be tough times.  Please just focus on God, your friends online and off.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel and just like with literal death, this light is going to be a much better, beautiful life.  You have been one of the main people I have watched through this and you have been sooo strong.  You're at the end of the race and you are at the finish line.  I have to say I do care about you from hearing your story these past few weeks and going through it with you.  Please take care and know the best is yet to come.
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You are an amazingly strong and positive person!
A true inspiration to others. Your attitude toward this whole process has been one that will carry you forward in whatever you choose to achieve in your new drug free life!!!
Awesome dude...absolutely!!!xxx
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for anyone trying to quit the horribly evil grip of 'done, gnarly's post' are a must read.

a true inspiration

yes, there is never a reason to use, period

no pill use negotiations, ever..................
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  I am glad i come accross this post, i am soo glad you are doing good! I know it was hard, altough i have never used this stuff , but l do know how hard it must be after reading all the post that i read,  you seem to be doin it
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Sorry your having such a rough time. but you are getting there and all it can do is get better. Everyone is so proud of you! Im coming to the end of my tapering. 10 mg of hydros a day now for me,  In a few days I will go down to 5mg a day. With any luck by the end of next week I can start counting my clean days. Ive experianced a loss about 6 weeks ago and Ive had one hell of a time dealing with his death. Regrets, what if's, guilt. But somehow I have managed to stick to this. This low dose has made my emotions run amuk to say the least. But hanging in there as hard as its been. You are such a strong person. Its going to get better. so very proud of you and you are in my prayers. Keep it up, one morning very soon you are going to wake up and will have turned that corner.
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Way to go dude. What a great attitude.
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Wow Powerful post Gnarly_1 Congratulations on 7 days Going into 8 !! and also on your Attitude beating our own mind is a achievement in endurance and strength.. So Proud and Happy for you. Freedom is Awesome and time does not stand still as long as we are breathing.. This is only Temporary !!  lesa
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Thank you so much for you sappourt. You really are an amazing man keep it up and keep up your faith and he will see you though this. Melissa
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I've been addicted to all pain killers at one time or another (percs, oxys etc...), but methadone was the hardest.  I went into treatment taking 300 mgs a day.  They gave me phenobarb and clonidine for withdrawls, but it was still a horrific withdrawl.  The sweats, couldnt be still, couldnt sleep, restless legs and muscle cramps, racing/pounding heart, and the horrible anxiety/depression.  That lasted for about 2 weeks (other than the depression.  Took another month or so to start to get my energy back.  Thing with methadone, unlike other opiates, is it binds to the tissues in your body and is very slow to leave.  Hang in there!!
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Hang in there dude you can do this the bad days seem to be less and less and you begin to realize how much better you feel not on the meds.  The high of life and being clean is so much better than any pill I have taken.  Great job dude keep in touch!!
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wow good job your are the MAN.(lol)  I am right behind you. I will be there soon.  I did not decrease at the clinic today because they are giving me some ****, but I got my take homes and I will just do it myself.  Nobody is gonna stop me and I mean nobody!!!!  I will take 20mgs tomorrow and 20mgs the next and then on Friday I will go to 10mgs.  So we will see things are still pretty good, I am starting to feel some aches and pains but nothing to bad yet. I am also starting to have a little trouble sleeping but not toooo bad.  Well anyways I am so proud of you.  You have given all of us that are still fighting, some hope that we will one day be where you are.  Thank you so much for all you have done for me.  Please keep posting you have no idea (maybe you do) how much it helps me/us.  You and your family are in my prayers every night

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Hey there, so glad to hear that you have joined the self weaner club! I just did it with NO help from my doctor. These "Pusher MD's" will keep you on the junk for years if you don't ask them to help you get off. I was on Methadone for 12 yrs. and I had to travel for a Medical Emergency out of the Country last Aug. Of Course, Methadone is like liquid handcuffs and my "Dr." gave me 2 wks. carries. My husband stayed in hospital away for 5 weeks, so I had no choice but to wean myself. I called my "Dr." and he said there was NO WAY I could get Meth in the country I was in and I said, I wasen't calling about that, I just wanted some advice on how to tapper off of 4mls. His answer was as good as the treatment as he told me , there is no set program! I said thanks for nothin, became a scientist and used the rest of my carries to wean. I went from 4 , rapidly to 3ml.then to 2 and when I arrived back in Ontario I had been 4 days off Meth. I am still not so well with the up and downs but I am so glad I don't have to see this "Dr." face anymore. Thats my story. I want to give you some advice. Don't go from 20mls. to 10mls. in one day!! You will only set yourself up for failure. Trust me. It took me 2yrs. to come down from 50mls. to 4mls. When I was on a higher dose I came down in 5's , then when I got to 20mls. I came down in 2mls. every month until I had to leave the country. Dont torture yourself with a 10ml. drop at once. If you want to do this properly and get off, please do it slowly. Spread your doses out so you gradually drop , even tho you are anxious to get off. You will be able to succeed for sure. My opinion. Been there , Done that~ Good Luck and please slow your process down.
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Sorry dude, I dont post that often so I used the last posters name instead of yours. I still meant every word I said.
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Very positive post!  nice to read..when u r sick and tired of being sick and tired...many will let go of the chains that hold them down...and u have a great attitude..u cant undo damage we have done to ourselves overnight...takes time for the brain to heal..but time heals..with aftercare and positive thinking..many will succeed as alot of the aftermath is mental..we relapse cos we do not remember how it felt to have that ball and chain holding us back...very easy to forget after time goes by

Congrats..methadone and sub have a very long half life...wds may not even start til day 3...and the physical aspect can be 2-3//sometimes even 4 weeks....but u r hangin tight...I respect ur stength and courage

Hopefully ur dr is helpig u with safe things for sleep etc...there r some safe drugs that can help ur wds..sleep is important to recovery cos without sleep we can become weak..be sure u have ur bases covered...the health pages here on the forum is ful of great info to help u right now

CONGRATS!!!!!...u deserve tons and tons of CONGRATS!
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hey girlee....wow look at you go ...congrads on your progress you
have done what it took me months to do in a short period CUDOS to you..BUT and a BIG  but ....your going to have to slow down a bit
or you may wind up waking up in the middle of the night in horrable
withdrawals...it happened to me at 20mg during a mens retreat up in the mountians.....it was my first REAL withdrawals I ever had..I was
in a strange place with 8 other guys in a cabin ...went to bed around 10ish and then at 1 am I woke up suddenly...my body was cunvusing
every mussel in my body was contorting and was having horrific anxiety, I was in a complete panic ...I wound up taking my morning dose in the middle of the night and had to spend an hr in the shower to "get well again"...DONT DO THIS TO YOURSELF it makes the prospect of the final withdrawal a very scary place in your mind
it was exactly what i expected my final withdrawal to be like so I was paralyzed in fear....fear that dident materialize so in the end I sat and worried for nothing....also I want to add that that day I was quite active...did a 3 mi hike and played around with an r/c airplaine
chancing it around for 4hr at 7000ft elevation... a fellow methadonean  told me my body 'metabolized" all the methadone because of my high level of activity the day b/4..so please keep that in mind also...Lesa im not telling you this to scare you or discourage you im telling you this so you dont make some of the same mistakes I made wile going threw this....if your careful and do it properly you wont experience the fears I had to live with...
your coming off it great so far ..but from 40mg to 20 is a HUGE drop and I personaly think its way to fast when you get down near the end slow and steady wins the race if you insist on geting to 20 quickly try it at 5mg bumps and again I would recommend 10% every 72 hrs to avoid some very scary places....also you can go to cvs pharmacy and get an "oral syringe " that will measure down to 2mg levels they gave me one for free they keep them behind the counter so you have to ask for one...in the end a nurse gave me a real one that mesured down to 1mg to finish off my taper...again please dont take this message the wrong way...your doing a great job getting free of this stuff im only sharing my experiences so you continue to have a successful withdrawal .....good luck and god bless ..Gnarly                  
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I would never take anything you say in a bad way.  You could tell me to kiss your but and go to he11 and I would think you were telling me that out of love to help me.  lol    Not that extreme but you know what I mean.  Your advise means a lot to me.  Please dont stop posting and keep telling us you exp   you are a insperation to all of us   me for sure!!!!

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