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7 years clean this month!

7 years clean this month.
I wrote this 6 years ago, the summer after the summer I quit opiates and got my life back.
I post it now and again. I hope it inspires someone else to get their life back too:

This summer I have a ton of socks. They are mostly white Hanes socks, the kind  you get in the packages of six. Most are too big for me. I want to throw them out, but they are brand new looking.
Ya know why I have so many socks? Because this time last year I was in withdraw. This time last year my feet and hands would drip sweat non stop 24/7. Any time I could muster the strength to go to the market I bought a pack of socks, as I was using I don't know how many pairs per day.
So now this summer I am here so happily looking at this drawer full of socks and so happy to know that I don't need them now. Wow have things changed form one summer to the next. Last summer I couldn't walk a half a block without feeling like I was gonna die, now I walk the dogs and enjoy it. Last summer was really the best gift I ever gave myself, or anyone. Last summer freed me and gave me this summer and all summers to come, and a lot of useless socks.
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Congratulations on  7 years.
That's fantastic. Keep on keepin on. So happy for you and very proud of you.
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I remember the sock post! Congrats on 7 years!!!
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This is fantastic to read....we can GET and STAY clean!
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7 years is awesome.  Congrats:)
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thank you !  <3
CONGRATS on those 7 yrs!!  I am so proud of you and i will never get tired of seeing the "sock" post <3
Sarah, and I will NEVER EVER EVER forget you, you and Sonrissa. You two helpe save my life. You were there for me every single hour of every single day I was in misery, and every single day when I was coming out of it, and every single day thereafter, and now that I am in the light, you are still here with me.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart!
Hugs !!
Awww, thanks lily, you were so worth it <3
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