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70 Days OMG

Never thought I'd get here I haven't been posting much but wanted to check in and say to all of you who don't believe you can live without opiites, you can.
I'm still very fragile and emotional but I'm going to a lot of meetings and there are so many wonderful things going on with my family and being preasent for them is amazing, weddings, grandchildren present and future WOW I'm really an awesome sober Mom, wife, Nana, friend and it helps my broken spirit so much to be loved needed and wanted by those I love. I was a ghost in my own life foe so long sp painful to live in active opiate hell tirning my will and life over to a pil.
After relapsing 3 times I'm finally feeling more comfortable and not looking back but putting one foot in front of the ot
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Awe !!! That's great news!!! Congrats on 70 days. What a big milestone for u. Sounds like u have come very far. I'm glad ur able to enjoy ur sober life!! Love and enjoy ur family and so very proud of u for 70 days!!! Woo hoo!!!
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Your post made me smile!  Isn't it an eye opener when we realize how GOOD we really are without those pills:)
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Wow, 70 days is awesome.  I hope that very soon the emotional sturggles will pass and you can enjoy everything in an even better state.  My hats off to you. 70 days.  Amazing.  

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You know how proud I am of you. :) It's a hellish and lonely journey to take your life back, but you have done it! You have an amazing life to embrace now. I am thrilled you are rediscovering how wonderful life can be without being tied to a pill bottle. Your spirit isn't "broken" doll, far from it and you are proving it everyday! Keep putting one foot in front of the other, you are on the path and it only leads to more happiness. :)

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Well obviously being sober hasn't improved my typing skills. lol
Thank yo to all my peeps and everyone here for helping and supporting me. You believed in me when i couldln't believe in myself forever grateful...
Off to a meeting.
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Congrats on your clean time Sharon!  You sound so much better.  Stay on the path you are on, it looks good on you~~
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I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for taking the time to share with us all.  I am on day 2 and I haven't put the computer down because stories like yours give me so much hope, that I too CAN DO IT! It's day 2, but I guarantee I'll be around for day 3, so anyone that can offer warm success stories or just have an amazing gift to listen. I am ready and need all the support I can get

Thank you
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Congrats !~
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im soo happy for you, and will continually look at this post because it made me feel good to someone success and be happy!
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Way to go Sharon, I have been watching our posts since December, and you do sound so much better these days.  Be proud of yourself, your doing great!

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It makes my heart so dang glad to read your post!  I am unbelievably proud of you Sharon, and so very happy for you.  You never gave up on yourself, you kept pushing forward and fighting and that's what has kept you evolving.  I am excited to see where your journey takes you.  Keep living from love darlin'- you are a beautiful soul and full of grace.

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