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8 Months Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be 8 months clean, going by my quit date on the lucky 13th lol. I have been here over 2 years now and was a chronic relapser and kept failing over and over in the past. For those that don't know me, I almost lost my life to drugs and feel lucky to be here today. My DOC is cocaine, but I have used many drugs from oxy's to alcohol to anything that got me high. I felt trapped, hopeless and angry. I tossed so much away in my life for the sake of drugs, but something happened. After my overdose and KNEW I was ready to finally surrender to dope, I felt HOPE for the first time in awhile and it gave me strength to fight to get my life back. I asked for help!

For those of you just starting out in recovery, please fight for this. It's a struggle and a lot of pain at first, but worth it to get our freedom back and be happy again. Drugs steal so much from us and make us feel hopeless, but that is the lie of addiction. Ty all for being a part of my recovery, I feel happy today and have never been able to say 8 months clean hehehehe. Congrats to everyone on their clean time, we will beat this together, one day at a time:)
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Awesome Gizz!!!
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Well since i wont be around tomorrow, BIG congrats to you! I look forward to the day. I love reading your responses as they are packed with wisdom, inspriation and truth.
Enjoy your weekend! Kathy
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Two thumbs up to you gizzy...Yah done good.
You should be rightfully proud of yourself for we are of you.
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Congrats my friend.
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(((((GIZZY)))))     Very happy for you,big guy!   YOU have been such a huge part in the recovery of so many here. You should be extremely proud of yourself...(I'm sure you are!)        
Vicki  xo
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Ty guys and gals. I do feel proud of this cause we all know how tough addiction is and tough to break that cycle. Oh and ty also for the kicks in the A S S along the way, haha. Tough love hurts.
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Congrats!!!  That is something to be VERY proud of!!  So happy for you!!  =)
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hey dude im for 1 proud of ya ...I know just how hard it can be and im nowhere near as far along as you are congrads on 8 mo it makes my measly 144 days seem insignificant
but as they say  ...just for today...a big thanks for all your great posts to they have helped me with my recovery good luck and God bless.....Gnarly
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I am just so proud of you. You have been with me from the start and look at you now!
Soon the sun will be shining, you will be working and hitting that stupid little white ball around again lol! Going to see the beautiful girl you have! Not so bad, Nope not so bad at all! You rock!!! Dancing in Maryland for you!!

Ok I will do the dance in the heels for you just this once because saras kinda busy.

Love you my sweet friend!


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Yeeeeeeeehah Gizz!!!! You ROCK my friend!!!
Happy Dancin' on the dykes of Amsterdam for you! lmao

Sending you tons of love over the big pond my friend.
xoxoxo. sophie.

OMG Terry on heels.......

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Way to go Gizz-------Thanks for all the support!!-----Jon
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Go Gizzzzzzy!  So happy for you!  
Be very, very proud of yourself and call your big sister while you are at it!
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Wow, so good to see you pop in here sis. I have missed you. I am so proud of you for working your recovery now and being clean and sober. Bigs hugs.

Congrats to all on your clean time and thanks again.
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Yeaaaaaah Gizzy, I am so proud of you. You  have worked so incredibly hard for this and deserve it so much. Can't wait to see your post in 4 more months:o)) You didn't think you would get this far and you did and you will get your year before you know it. Do something really good for yourself tomorrow...something just for you. Congratulations, Hugs, Corey
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Great job Gizzy,

It's nice to see that it truly can be done.  

Very happy for you,

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We are doing the highland fling here for Gizzy. im struggling a bit though but it helps the rls lol, although iv got to do it gentle or ill fall apart 8 months so proud of you bud.. You are a rock here Gizzy. So manypeople depend on you for support. You help us all so much. Thank you for just being you bud....James
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YAY GIZZY, I was going to wait and get on tomorrow to comment sense it is 8mo’s tomorrow but we are leaving for Albq tonight to work on that house, so I jumped on tonight to let you know how proud I am of you. You for sure had a different mind set this time and I knew you were going to make it.
You have had some struggles along the way and I've seen you fight so hard to over come them all so you can live your life the way you want, happy and clean! Though all the good and the bad you always find time to help others, including myself. I would like to thank you for being a good friend and listen to me whine about my son lol. You have done a great job and cant wait for the 1yr. Party at my house for gizzy’s 1 yr lol. Have a great weekend am sure they are planned with dates with your special one hehe
Gongrats again gizz do something special tomorrow for you. Hugs
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OMG bobby, it's so rare your on here now, but your my best best buddy. Tydriving Cindy to the airport next Friday slow and safe and please don't talk much ROTF. We will be back there to get her car in a bit so glad it's safe with you, that car means a lot to her. What a wild ride this has been eh? LOL.

Not trying to sound sappy, but TY for all you have done for me. Your family rocks (except Brad) haha. You will be in Canada this year for the wedding hehe
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Gizzy just want to say congrats, as you know I'm just starting out (and hopefully for the last time) 8 months is a huge milestone and you should be so proud of yourself!! I can't wait to be where you are now. Thanks for adding me as a friend, your my first friend here :)
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Gizzy my man, congrats dude! keep up the good work and never let your guard down!
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ROTF come on gizzy I bet I could find out a lot about you from Cindy on that long long ride to Albq lmao ok we will just talk about the weather heheheheh
I’m so glad that the time has come for her to come and stay there with you for good this time it’s been hard for you two back and fourth. I better be invited to the wedding or I’ll have to kick some butt.
Come on you love Brad and you know it rotf, speaking of Brad, its time to head out.
I’m taking Jess to the zoo, she wants to see the crocodiles hmmmmmm can’t imagine why, ill take pics. Have a good weekend
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Huge congrats Chris! You deserve every bit of happiness :)) So proud of you! I am still doing well too, 8 months & 8 days today! Hope all has been well & hope to talk to you soon! Call me soon and let me know how you've been, did I hear you say wedding? heehee! ;) Congrats on that too if I read it right! Hugs!
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Way to go .I love to here your positive posts about aftercare .You are a true inspiration to me and Im shore many others.Its good to here you comment on many things and they all lead back to aftercare as being so important to recovery. I hope I see your posts and comments for many months to come.Best of luck my brother in recovery.
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CONGRATS GIZZY!! You truly are an inspiration and agreat poster on this site!! You welcome all newcomers (u did me 9 mos ago) w/ great words of encouragement and truth!! You deserve a good clean life!! As all us addicts do:) stay strong and thanks for posting ur experiences and strengths so candidly...Daisy
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