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8 Years for Sarah

I post this with a lot of Joy.. It has been 8 Years for our Fearless leader Sara. She has lead thru example and walking the talk I'm so Proud of her and so Grateful to call Sara a Friend. Congratulations my Friend ! The Joy I feel will leave a smile on my face all day. Proud of you !! Thank you Sara for sticking around and helping and supporting all of us behind you !! love you.. lesa
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A big congrats to my friend, my inspiration and my soul sister. I'll b forever grateful to u for what u have done n my life and the impact u have made on me. All of our late night conversations and impromptu step work we have had. We have shared so many memorable conversations (I'll never forget that night shakira) u have been my rock at times. U have let me cry to u. Not once did u ever judge me for  my past. U let me kick and scream and  even sat back while u watched me attempt to show u how my way was gonna work this time and when that backfired and I came crawling back to u, u were always there to give me tough love and even love me from a distance until u knew I had it this time by allowing me to live the whole actions speak louder than words. I have learned so much from u. I find myself today telling people what u and Bonnie drilled into my head.  I know she's proud of u and is smiling down at ya. Love n hugs my friend and congrats again to ya.
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DS for some reason I thought you were going on 9 yrs, but either way....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

I met you on here in 2012 and had many days that I would PM you so I could get your advice. YOU were here for me when I had all my family losses and health issues too. At first I was a bit nervous about what I could or should say to you..LOL I got over that fast and realized you where SO good with words and take your Recovery very seriously. When I became a new CL I was then able to talk to you over the tele line. YOU have had such a GREAT way with words and have HELPED me SO many times. There are SO many times I need someone like you to talk to and I think about getting a hold of you. I know you are busy with your own life, but I also know you would pick up and talk with me at any moment if you were home.
There are NO words that I can say to YOU...but I Love You as a Friend.
YOU are a very strong person, but you are also one of the sweetest down to earth person I know too. I wish you lived right next door so I could work Recovery with you right by my side. Thank YOU DS for always being here for me and every one else.

Go and have some fun today!!! I sure hope you do not have to work today, so you can go out with the Hub for the day. Hugs to YOU all the way!!!
Bless U
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Lesa, we have shared so much with each other over the years.  There have been many laughs and many tears.  We have endured great losses and have celebrated many joys.  Thru it all we stayed on our path.  You have shown me what strength and compassion is all about.  I have gotten in touch with my own "spirit" and have found many peaceful moments becuz of you.  The love and respect i feel for you is something so amazing to me.  Thank you for sharing in my journey~

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I dont even know where to begin with you!  You, without a doubt have won the biggest challenge award.  That gives you 3 pts by the way!! lol  

You are an amazing woman.  Once you finally "got it" you took off and ran with it.  Recovery looks so good on you and i am so proud of you.  We have had the craziest talks that have always had a lesson to be learned.  We have laughed till we cried and cried due to our losses.  We always seem to show up just at the right time.  I have mad respect for you and am excited to see all the places you will go.  I love you little one~
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I remember those early days when you would message me.  You always thought you were bothering me!!  I told you a bazillion times you werent and i think you finally figured that out!  lol    Your losses were great and while you thought i was helping you you were helping me also.  You made me dig deep and feel things i had bottled up.  I have enjoyed our talks on the phone.  We dont hold anything back!  I love how serious you take your recovery and it makes me step up mine.  We all have much to be grateful for.  Love you Vic~
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Sarah! One of the very few who stayed on this site to help people, myself included. I ALWAYS look for your advice; it never lets me down.

Congrats, girl!!!
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And what a Beautiful Spirit it is my Friend !! love you to the moon and back :))
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Whoo hoo Mama angel! You are an inspiration and I'm so glad to know you. You have helped me tremendously and I am so grateful. Congratulations! xxoo
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It has been a pleasure having you here.  I have always loved reading your advice as speak from the heart and always stand by what you believe.  You have worked so hard on your recovery and i am so proud of you.  You keep being who you are~
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Awww shucks. Btw, I meant that I am one of the many you helped by your being here!
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Sara my friend, congratulations!
I am so proud of you!
You have been an inspiration to many people here and helped more folks than you will ever know. I am proud to call you my friend!
You got clean and seemed to grab everyone you could to take along on your journey. I feel blessed to know you!

Always keep that Guard Up!!
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Hey Sara........wow 8 yrs.....a big congrats....having you as a C/L has been a blessing to this forum.....your advise  is always solid and your heart is like none other for the addict.....medhelp just sent me a anniversary note saying that I have been a C/L for 6years and it has been a pleasure working with you...you have touched many here in a deep unmatchable way.....time to do something nice for yourself you have worked hard for your recovery  may God bless you abundantly
your friend and fellow addict Mark
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Congragulations to you and all of your hard work!  You are truly an inspiration here. Your wisdom is invaluable!
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OMG Sarah!!!!  eight years that is a big number to conceive of clean / sober.  I am impressed and awed by you, two feelings you often inspire in me.  Congratulations, you are one of the rocks here at medhelp and i appreciate all the help you've given me and your friendship.  much love to you and sorry im late in seeing this.

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