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8 days

Well I've made it 8 days. Today was rough. Weather had us held up inside and got bored but got thru it. Just need to get aftercare going just don't have courage.
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Congratulations ! The boredom factor can really be tough at times . I know I would just look at the things I used to love to do on the pills and wonder if I would ever enjoy anything again ! But trust me my friend you will and it will be sooner then you think . Hang tough and try to enjoy whatever you can . Exercise if you can even if its just for 15 minutes it really can make a difference . Stay strong .. Jimmy
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Way to go on 8 days!  Boredom got my mind thinking too much about what I thought I was missing.  Crank your favorite music, watch something to occupy your mind...you can do it!
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Great job on your 8 days!  Watch out for the boredom. It can be a killer, especially in the beginning. Hang in there, stay warm, and onto day 9!
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Hi congratulations on 8 days. I've been to rehab twice then aftercare and it's not so bad. What's the worst that can happen, you stay clean, or it doesn't work for you and you try something else. It's a great place because the support and understanding is fantastic. Everybody there is like you and who better  to give you encouragement. I hope you do whatever makes you feel at ease and wish you well on your journey to a wonderful fulfilling life of happiness and contentment.
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