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9 months pregnant and addiction

I am currently 9 months pregnant and due any day. However before I was pregnant I had a problem with heroin. As soon as I got pregnant I got clean and recently I just relapsed. I have an appointment tomorrow with the Dr and plan on telling them I relapsed. I am from Michigan and I'm hoping since I'm asking for help they can help me keep my kid and keep it between just my Dr and I considering my family will disown me and my boyfriend, the father, will want nothing to do with me. Does anyone know what I can do to keep my family together and my kid? I don't want anything to do with the drugs. I feel like a horrible mother that I feel like I can't even live with myself for what I've done to my child. HELP!!!!
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So glad you are telling your obgyn asap. That is the thing to do: 100% honesty.

The ONLY thing you can do is get clean and stay clean. You had a problem before and now you know it doesn't go away on it's own. Go to an NA or AA meeting asap and start recovery. Don't say "I'll wait til the baby is born" or any other excuse. Heroin addiction doesn't magically disappear: it only gets worse. Make sure you cut your dealer off. Block your ph # or change your ph #.

Good luck to you.
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Since I'm going to my Dr for help in recovering will my child be taken from me?
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As long as you are honest with your OB you should be okay.  Alot of times they will have someone come into your home and check on you and baby for awhile.  Most counties have a program also for new mom's where someone comes in once a month, addict or not.  It is a good program as the ladies that come in have great ideas and bring the babies little gifts, rattles books etc.  They also can answer alot of questions new mom's have.  My own kids have used this service and love it!

I would find some sort of recovery care to deal with your addiction.  NA/AA is free or find a good therapist.  Using is only a symptom of what is really going on.

Keep us posted on how you are doing~
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How are you? Did you talk to the Dr yet? Plz keep us updated, as we do care.

Bless U
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My appointment today went really well. Because I was honest they are willing to help me keep my child. I am going to an outpatient recovery center in the meantime referred by my ob office for help. However, if the drug test tests positive cps will come talk to me and do what they can to help me and my child stay together and live happily.
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I am so glad you were honest with your OB and you have a plan in place.  Let us know how you are doing and please dont be afraid to ask for help.  We are a great support system here also.  Let us know when you can when the baby gets here!!
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I was on suboxone throughout my pregnancy and even though I was seen weekly by a clinic and drug tested with no drugs in my system other than suboxone, when I went into labor I was informed that a hospital social worker would be visiting me due to my history of narcotic addiction. Just be prepared for that and don't get too upset. It is best to be honest with the hospital as well because they will do a drug test on the baby and if you have lied to them about the drug use then they may contact CPS and let you work it out with them in the court system.
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No child deserves to be killed in the womb and every child deserves the right parental care, education, good environment and love. Mothers are people with great responsibilities. Take care of yourself and the baby. Past is something you cannot change and nobody's seen future. Live right and all will be good.
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How are things going?
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