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90 days sober again

I never thought I would get loaded after a yr clean but here I am living proof that our disease is incurable and progressive.All we have is just for today.Am happy that I have today clean it is a lot better than it was 2yrs ago on the streets cold, hungry and miserable. Things are far from being easy the first time I got clean it was truly a gift now the work has began but that is okay Just for today
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You know how proud of you i am.......We started here together and have continued on with our journey, one day at a time.  Remember the sound of my feet behind you?  I am still there, this time rooting you on my friend.......Congrats on each new day clean!!!     sara
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great job! I am proud of you...You are right about this decease being incurable and progressive always waiting for our gaurds to be let down..YOU R DOING GREAT!!
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