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A Holiday Roll call anyone???

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I was sitting here in my hotel room away from my family while Im here in Europe, and thinking about how in the past this would have been a huge trigger for me.  Started thinking about all the things that I am thankful for....  Its always great to have a "Me" moment with some bragging rights, so lets do a roll call today for all the clean time that we are thankful for!

Today, Im 191 Days clean from Suboxone, and 4 years from other opiates!

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454 days clean from alcohol and codeine,and I'm very thankful for each and every minute of clean time.
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Happy Turkey Day Henry, always good to hear from you!

I am thankful for many things but today I am thankful for three years clean!!

Today is a time of good friends and family, embrace it. All of us just have today, let's give thanks!!! Please remember the addict who is still suffering in your prayers.
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Only 55 days opiate free here, and very thankful for being back in sobriety! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Happy thanksgiving  all!! I'm 21 days clean from Xanax and 8 days clean from opiates!! Still a tiny bit of anxiety but so much better than yesterday! Thank you all for the encouagement and kind words! Most of all I'm thankful for being alive and my wonderful family still in tact! 2 major wd's in less than a month and I'm still here! Good job out there! I owe y'all my deepest gratitude! Gotta go get cooking now. I have 15 people coming and I can enjoy them sober. Yea!!
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Hi Henry~  Huge Hug to you!   Wish you you close to home...but you do such important work!!

I'm very thankful,as well, for over 7 months clean time! ( It actually would have been ONE YEAR today except for a teeny,tiny bad day in April...)

Miss you...please be safe.

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Happy Thanksgiving I have been clean from oxys for 152 days and feel fantastic. God Bless you and your familiy on this wonderful day.
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone......Today I am 35 days clean from oxycontin!  Extremely thankful to be sober.......
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Good Morning Henry!!

940 days clean here.  

I have so much to be thankful for~~~~sara
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85 days.... Happy thanksgiving!
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Happy Thanksgiving Henry.. you can get turkey in Europe..lol
87 days here, alot to be thankful for this year. Best to all.
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Only 9 almost 10 days from subutex and 4 years from heroin.

Very thankful of that especially the latter.

Nice 1 every1
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23 days and thankful for stumbling on this site and getting the help i needed to get free of vicodin or any painkiller i could get my hands on..happy thanksgiving to you all..God bless..Jeff...
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Thanks to God, AA, and my family and friends, I have 570 days clean from all mind altering substances. So much to be thankful for; if they told me it would get this good, I would never have believed them. It works if you work it!
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3 years 2 months free from all mind and mood altering substances. Thanks to an obstinant refusal to be beaten by a life sapping drug addiction and with the determination borne from experience and knowledge of where it may lead, i am clean today.
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9 soon to be 10 days off of percocet !!! Happy Thanksgiving all !!!!
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Congrats Everyone !!  Happy Thanksgiving !! 2 years 54 days free of Pills and more then a few months clean of Alcohol :) lesa
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63 days clean from it all...and feels free! Happy Thanksgiving!
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Congrats on your clean time everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  I have 109 days clean from Tramadol and loving it!!
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Wow!!!!! Love looking at the clean time~~~ Keep doing what you are doing~ It is keeping you clean........ Welcome home to all the New Commers. The War Is Over~ My Clean Date Is January 21 1985.....25 Years.....
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18 day clean here!! And it looks like we are all off to a good start to a healthy and happy holiday season :-)
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I can`t remember anymore which is a good thing for me.... You are awesome on this site, thanks to you and JESUS
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Where is GIZ?  LOL

Course I dont post as much as I should either so cant get onto him

great post as it is good for folks to check in now and then!
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i knew the time was drawing near , i now have not had opiates or opioid for 4 days , it has been many years, my wife also, we dont feel good at all , but are still above ground.....
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Onethefence~    Wow!!    I am SO happy for you two!!  This is huge!    If you need anything, just ask.  Keep posting as to how you're doing.  I know you know the drill but I have to say this:  

Keep drinking!  Juice,gatorade,tonic water...it really helps the RLS.  Start taking some vitamins and minerals. I promise you it helps.  HOT BATHS (together will save water ; )

I'm so proud of you. I mean it. I know this is a very big deal for both of you!!

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