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Just wishing EVERYONE on here a HAPPY NEW YEAR and the best of sober life in the year 2009! This is new for me to start a new year SOBER!!!  WE SHOULD ALL BE PROUD!!! (no matter where you are at with your sobriety...good or bad....we are all only humans struggling...trying our hardest!!)

Best Wishes......
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Ditto what everyone else said!

And a special happy new year to my buddies Kelley and Ronny.  I heart you guys!
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GREAT POST!!  and you are right, 2009 will be a great year for many....And for those struggling right now, I pray that you have the strenght to get through, and know that it gets better!!!  Give yourself and family that gift!!!  God bless all of you...and hope everyone's loved ones are safe tonight!!!
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Bingo. Great note.
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