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Dear Friends,

We hope you will join us in sincerely thanking Dr. Horvath and Dr. Bozian, who have donated their time and expertise to helping all of you this past year.

We are truly going to miss them and the many friends who have been so wonderfully helpful and supportive in this forum.  We wish you all the very best.

Cindy & Phil
Med Help International
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It's been a while since we've seen you here, but thank you Dr. Horvath just the same. You brought a fresh and thought-provoking perspective to a subject that is all too often shrugged off with cliches and moralizing.

Dr. Bozian, I must say you're quite a piece of work! And I mean that as a compliment. You're easily the most informative, responsive and accessible physician we've ever had here, and I know that you've helped a lot of forum members in your too-brief time as the Forum MD.

Best of luck to you both.

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Here's the link to a new forum dedicated to providing support and friendship to people in the midst of addiction, recovery and/or chronic pain issues. I will be concentrating on this forum in the hope that it gives everyone here a good place to go after MedHelp shuts down. It's not doctor-moderated, but, for what it's worth, I will be there along with the Thomas Recipe to help in any way I can. I'm an admin there and my good friend, MrsRat, who also is a MedHelp member, is the board operator. We welcome all who come and post in the spirit of friendship and understanding.


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I forgot to add, you'll find many MedHelp regulars already there, such as myself, MrsRat, lisabet, skipper, percsnomas, Jess, susieneedshelp, Insight, Bmac, Blue, Erika Ann, Methmike and more.

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I also wanted to thank Dr. Bozian who has helped me tremendously with his advice.  It's not often that you find this type of help online, and I really appreciate what I've learned from him.  

Thanks Thomas for providing the link and the board (you've also been incredibly helpful regarding advice here as well as MrMichael and so many others).  Since I'm already a member of Ezboard, just wanted to let y'all know that I'll be posting as kateyez36 over there.
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Sad to hear.
Doctors, thanks for your time and wit.
Best of luck with all future endeavours! I hope you will continue in a substance abuse related sect, as you would be a valuable asset, to be sure.

Kind regards,
Thomas050 (the other thomas;)

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I disappeared for a bit (that crazy road of life).
thanks for the link.
see ya'll on the flip side :)

(will think of a less similar name ;)
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i'll be there as Jack Daniels03
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eveyone come on over...we will leave the light on for you..Jack
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is the URL to the main forum page.  Adding the 2 on the end of it gets you directly into the Issues Discussion area where we do serious posts (for the most part).  Thomas put that one in here so everyone going there for the first time would find the posts like the ones here at MedHelp. We both thought that would be best, but as the night has gone on I've seen everyone checking out all the sections, so I decided to post it on this thread.

The numberless URL takes you to many different sections we have on the forum where we talk about music, poems/jokes, put up pics, post our birthdays, The Thomas Recipe section, a section for those with Crohns/Colitis, and there is a link to the live chat for those that enjoy talking in real time. (This is a partial list, too much to type them all in here.)

I've enjoyed reading your posts in there tonight.  Please don't forget MedHelp though, we still have it till the end of the month and there will be people still needing our help in here! MedHelp was where I first came when I was going cold turkey off 80 mg of methadone a day. A piece of my heart will die when this forum goes down.  I can never thank Cindy enough for giving all of us this place to meet each other and talk about all we are going thru or have been thru.  I can only pray my forum Admin and myself can offer as much help as what has been received here by so very many over the years.
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Thank you Cindy. It has been a life changing experience to be here for almost a year now, just think no more complaints about me. No more warnings! LOL  I am sure that is a load off your mind. I can't say I will miss the docs, I never understood a word they said, but I seldom do understand doctors,very seldom. So thanks Cindy and Phil. I hope the forum survives because alot of people click that link for the first time and get US. For better or worse....... Bill
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Just wanted to say thank you for this forum.It saved me from alot of grief.And has kept me going when I fell off that straight and narrow path.I'm up and going again thanks to all the wonderful people I've met here and will miss this forum alot.Thanks for all your patients with us drugies.And God Bless you both and the DRs.with their knowledge and information they gave..Love,,Jerri formerly known as J.E.W.
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Thank you Medhelp for everything...

I would like to personally thank Cindy and Phil and the doctors for all of the helpful information and support they have given to us.  It was a great experience meeting everyone on this forum!!!  Also if it wasn't for MedHelp, Mrs. Rat's forum wouldn't have formed.  When we started that forum about 8 months ago (boy, time sure flys!!) It was just a few of us trying to get started and hoping to grow. And we sure did, every week more and more people joined in and we now have a wonderful place to go for support, advise,or just to vent, it is a great place to meet people just like yourself and share all of your experiences, good & bad.  The only difference between these forums is: it is more personalized, we have a place to chat, we can talk on any subjects (appropriate, of course) and we don't flame, fight, argue etc. everyone respects each others opinions which is very important in a board such as these. So I personally welcome anyone to come and join us if you like that type of atmosphere.  We are a great group of people and would love to add new members to our family.  Hope to see you there...

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Thanks for the fun!  I'll never forget the time you, Phil and I chugged a few beers in the Bahamas.  Always wondered why Phil drank his Corona with a big pinapple instead of a lime.
Anyway... thanks for the good time.  I really appreciate it.  Say... I'd think about closing the Dimensia forum like this.  Those people don't know whether they're coming or going.  And if their board shuts down, they'd be forced to talk among themselves, individually.
I would, however, shut down the "Clean Livin'" forum.  Those bastards have it coming and besides, they are NO FUN at all.
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You are certified crazy, guy!!!     But you wear it well and it's ever-so-charming...........:-)  So-----Will you be going to the airport later or how did that turn out?   Let me know--- Love, Peazy
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Yeah enquireing mind want to know!  JK  Pammy
Thanks Cindy and Phil I have met the nicest coolest most understanding poeple ever here.  No need to list them they know who they are.  Pammy
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Goats, storms, machetes... man, this place had it all.
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You believe that s...! Been clean for a few months, enjoying life "poppyseedless speaking", decided to check the "ol Med Help Board for a little walk in the past, and the damn thing is closing.

A job well done to Dr. Horvath and Dr. Bozian. Your Internet beside manner was second to none. Thanks to everyone, especially Thomas for his knowledge, wit, honesty and that crazy mixture of chemicals, minerals, vitamins, plant and animal matter that got me through several w/d's, but when I finally decided to get serious, the recipe eased my transition from a drug filled life to a "normal" life. Peace to all of you.

Where in the hell do I go from here?    TAXI!

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Yo brother Bill!
Yeah.. I think that goat dude got cast down with the sodomites.
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Yeah once a Kenite always a Kenite I say. But I missed his smart intellegent post. NOT................
OK Pamela, I can't take this anymore, damn it Doll!
  OK I AM BETTER, THANX................Bmac
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Mike that had to be one of your best. I remember all those idiots, Hey did I miss the goatdude? I forgot and let the 20th sneak up on me, but heyb you know Kenites!

Pammy, I knew you were talking directly to me, I love you too.

Peazy, don't cha think Mike is really certifiable, really!
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He was a few days late, but he was baaack.
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