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A little humor, I think we all could use some :)

While I was watching NASCAR this weekend, my wife and
I got into a conversation about life and death, and
The need for living wills.

    During the course of the conversation, I told her
That I never wanted to exist in a vegetative state,
Dependent on some machine and taking fluids from a

  She got up, unplugged the TV, and threw out all my
Beer.  Sometimes it's tough being married to a

:) I just had to share that one!

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I am glad I gave you a chuckle :)
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LOL!!!  she sounds like a funny woman.  

ps i love NASCAR!
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OMG, I wonder if people thought that actually happened or not, LOL. But this was a joke I got rom my father in my email this morning, and wanted to share it.

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That was too funny...i may try that on my hubby when he is drinking and watching tv , which is all the time lol..i may start by asking him if he wants to make a living will, and then ask him if he want's to dependent on fluids???i know he will say no...That would be hilarious
thanks for the smile
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I need that!  Thanks for the smile!
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lol your all very welcome :)

road: I love the idea! LOL
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Thats funny. We all need humor,wouldnt it be great if they made another forum just for that
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LOL  Jim Thats funny ...
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i totally thought it really happened:P you tricked me!
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Easy there... viccaddict came back today after being gone for months she was not aware of the new forum.. and the set up.. Are you gonna give people asking addiction advice on the community forum a hard time for not knowing any better?? The sarcasm really isn't attractive..
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Easy there yourself sherriff,,sarcasm can be funny to
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It was all good and all funny. (period)  I'm glad I don't get those. heehee
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(((((((((((((((((((((((fish )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Glad to see you! How have you been?
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