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after reading creeks post below i remembered what a psychiatrist once shared with me.  

he was very interested in ADD/ADHD and had made that his specialty.  he felt that most addicts also had either ADD or ADHD and he set out to do a several years reasearch project on this.  he went to jails and rehabs all of the united states interviewing and testing those with addictions.  i can't remember what the percentage he quoted me was, but it was around 85%...85% of those he tested either had ADD/ADHD.

i was just wondering if any of you were ever told this and if so if you took stimulants for it when you were younger.  one of the prime symptoms of ADD is impulsiveness and never thinking about the consequences of your actions.  i am just curious...that's all.

any thoughts?

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my husband and I (both addicts) were prescribed adderall for ADD.  He continues to take the medication, but I have since stopped. Not sure if I really am or not - or if I have just used it as an excuse.  Still working that one out!!  Husband def. benefits from the med.  

Interesting question.  When I taught school, many kids were given the meds too quickly in my opinion.  Everyone needs to be taught organization skills and coping stategies and I think it may lesson the labeling.
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My son is ADHD...but so is his father......
Im not personally.....but whatever..Their father (my sons) is a recovering drug addict or at least so he says recovering...but thats a topic I dont need to get into today

quick note..so thats my say lol
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did u get my email today?
needed to vent!
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I did sweety ...and I emailed back...
I was just stopping in quickley and then letting my cousin go online.....We just got home recently and I have to see the dinner gets cooked, and house gets clean........and all that fun stuff...

I will come back a little later and check in with everyone....Have to go for now..

Be Safe everyone, I loves you all......I really do, everyone tries their hardest and we all give what we can, to change the direction of our lives, because not only were we hurting ourselves we were hurting the ppl that loved us ....even thru it all.......Ya know, I know for me that wasnt enough...I actually really didnt care, I figured life goes on and you will learn to live without me, but why should I be that selffish, why do I have to hurt them so badly...and I know I have been hurt so much by even those people..I just pray that they can learn to change as well as me......I take my part, take my ownership now.....And it was them that begged me to do it, here I am.....and it really hurts when they dont....I guess Im a bit sad today, I was very stressed out this mornign when I left...I chilled out a bit since yet I have also had a drink........I just want a hot bath some candles.......and just pamper myself..its been a hard day...


I know I got really serious to funny....Ive been like that all day......I write alot and haven't really today, so I guess thats what I have been missing today....Will get to that too...Some of these thougths I really love keeping them........

Anyways, I should run, I guess I really did need to let out something..

Thanks for listening or reading.....

But needless to say I really do care....I know everyone is working hard.....as hard as we can, even though some days are worse than others...its just different..
Happy thoughts and prayers your way...ALL OF YOU!!!

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go and take some time for your self you deserve it, i read all your posts and you have helped me greatly and you have alot to give.you are where you need to be right now. Hope and Prayers to you and all Clay TX
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