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ADHD medication

I was taking adhd meds that were prescribe to me by a doctor to loose weight. For one yr. I'm addicted. And I want to stop.. Anyone had the same problem and stoped. By them self?
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Hi BGirl Welcome to the forum.. It is sure old school for a Dr. to give these meds for these reasons.. Is there a reason you do not wish to go thru your Dr. for a proper taper schedule ? That is where you cut back on the med slowly over a period of time, then stop when taking very lil.. How much do you take a day ? Stopping a upper leaves us feeling restless moody hungry tired Usually we are dehydrated and this does not help.. Headaches, Depression, It also messes with our heart rhythm when detoxing so it would be good to be monitored, all this does pass in time with good Nutritious food exercise and a lot of sleep.. ADHD pills are not for loosing weight but since this is what you used them for you may experience a rebound in weight gain so you really want to stick with Healthy fresh food.. Speaking with your Dr. would be better as he can help with comfort drugs if needed and maybe a antidepressant for a couple months after as your brain tries to adjust. You can do this many have before you. It is good to be able to start your day not depending on a pill for your motivation.. I wish you well on your journey. lesa
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