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iam 22 yr male.iam using spit tobacco for the last 4 years.i tried to quit for many times but i could'nt.main problem is withdrawal symptoms like drowsiness,depression,constipation,anxiety,insomnia.the main issue is constipation.without tobacco i cant evacuate my bowels.mentally iam very depressed and i cant even say to my parents or friends.please help me and give sugession for the withdrawal symptoms like constipation and it will be more useful for quitting tobacco.i feel very depressed and I cannot concentrate on my regular activities.PLEASE HELP ME.AM I DYING
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hey sweety, first off - you're going to be ok.... you really are.

there's a board here on Medhelp just for tobacco/smoking that might have more info for you there.  also one on depression.  i would try them, they may have more info on there about getting off of tobacco.

if not, get your butt back on here and we'll figure something out.  addiction is addition .... someone here - or on the other boards - can help you.

we're all here to help.  you've come to the right place...

hang in there, baby....

btw - when i quit smoking i had the same prob.  i couldn't poop at ALL.  but that finally passes.  you may have to use some aids in the meantime.... if it gets really bad, there is liquid magnesium at the drugstore that blows everything right out (sorry people.)  and start using metamucil.  and protein shakes with ground flaxseed.  you may even have to use the Dulcolax (i think that's the name - its a suppository) once in awhile too (know that works QUICK!)  but they all work.  trust me... i've been there. it sucked.  it took a while, but now i'm the queen of the poop! :-)
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also hun?  i think if your parents are good peeps, i would tell them.  it's easier when we do not feel alone.... again, if they are supportive parents, i do think it will help you tremendously to tell them, and let them help you thru this burden.

if you were my son, i would hope you would come to me, and let me help.

its sooooo much harder when we feel like we are in this alone.  put pride aside and ask your parents or a friend for support.  you may be pleasantly surprised.... (i don't know your parents, so if they are not that kind of people, ask a friend.. one you trust)

the burden will be lighter....
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there is the patches and the gum, mints that may help the transition be easier..just dont get hooked on those...patch is the best as far as not getting hooked on maintenence nitcotine...have u talked to ur parents..? a doctor may be able to prescribe wellbutrin or sumpin for u..nicotine affects all the receptors,,calms u, energizes u, a hard habit to break but do-able and people do it all the time...just may need some help to feel more comfy..congrats for stopping as i have seen some nasty cases of mouth cancer from chewing...check out the other forum on tobacco...or post here again if u want..good luck
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you can always try the all mint snuff. Maybe that will help.
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hang in it the tobacco addiction and it will pass. dont give up you will be so happy when you make it to the other side
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