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Feeling like saying ****** **** it, why do i have to feel this way! just want a pill just got off work only to come home and clean up this house- I REALLY WANT A PERC right now-
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DITTO From above. Its the itty sh**ty part of the brain that rewinds the tape back.  If only......Just hang in be strong and do not give into the beast. Give yourself a pat on the back for the time you have and that there will be Blessing in the long run.
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Using is NOT an option.  Get yourself busy.  Go for a walk, turn on the music, just do something.
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Hi, I looked at your profile it so I know a little more about you. It says day 3 off trams and hydros. I understand how your feeling right now. The "antsy" feeling is hard to deal with. You probably feel really irritated. Look, your on day three so your almost over the hump. I always felt the first 5 days were the worst. Try to do some light physical activity...maybe a walk a few times a day. I drank a tea called Kava, it helps with anxiety. The most important thing is to stay the course...look at the 3 days you have done and realize you don't want to have to have to redo those someday. Keep moving forward.

Hang in there and God bless
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