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Activities to keep your mind busy...

Ive been smoking Oxy almost everyday for about 9 months. I recently quit the suboxone program I was on due to lack of funds, the scare of the withdrawals from that, and that I was still smoking oxy while on suboxone. I've realized my addiction is just as mental as it is physical. My biggest issue is when I get bored, I get driven to think about smoking oxy. I'm sure exercise will help, but I was wondering what other people have done to keep themselves clean. Activities that took your mind away from thinking about it. Also, it seems like my withdrawals are quite a bit worse when I'm bored, which triggers me to fiending for it to make myself feel better.

I just don't know how to break the habit, and I would like any tips that helped others keep their minds off the drug. Any tip works. I really want to stay clean this time :(
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you kind of answered your own question. just don't allow yourself to become bored. staying busy is on e of the best things you can do right now. also talking about your problem with people, ones who understand. meetings would be good, coming on here is good, exercise, meditation. i recently checked a book out of the library called "buzzed", which is about all the substances we use to get high and how they affect our brain, how long they last in our bodies etc. if you are a reader maybe you should get some good books to read. whatever you choose, you have to remeber that it is YOU who want to quit. good luck to you. sway
   ps. aftercare is a must for success
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Hi....congrats on quitting.  I did use exercise and still do to keep me on track.  The difference is that I set fitness goals - diet/strength/cardio - and work hard to meet these goals.  These are life changing because so many things come into play like sleep, proper nutrition, exercise plans, self-education and discovery and more.

Being only 21, did you consider going back to school?  Big world out there away from meds...you should go get some :-)

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Im surprised you were able to feel the oxys while on Subs.Those things really get there hooks in you.Ive never battled anything quite like it.Never smoked them either nor would I.Very damaging but you allready know that.Make a plan get busy stick to it and get thru the worst part in my opinion is at the beggining .I took them for back pain for 2 yrs and im still on a plan from subs to tapering that is no fun.I really think the longer we use the harder it becomes but it is doable, you have taken the first step , you can do it..Know how you feel.your not alone..
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What I recently did to replace my drug addiction is got addicted to safer things. Video games are one. I used to play them before I got into drugs. Now I am submersing myself into them like a real fiend ha. Also, I am enrolling in like 3 seperate adult sports leagues. Almost every city has adult sports, easy ones just for fun, or more competative ones. My friend plays in an adult kickball league and softball league. It is VERY laid back and fun. Plus you get some excercise out of the deal. (Wich is good because I hate to excersise personally). I chose to play soccer like I did before I got addicted.

Try and find something you are passionate about (besides getting high) and go nuts with it.
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Exercise, painting your walls, painting a picture, sewing, walk, wash or brush the dog (or cat) if you have one, go rescue a dog or cat from the pound, call old friends, tackle a project you've been putting off,  clean out a closet,  put all your photos in albums,  read a good book, take a drive or a walk some where you've never been, go have breakfast/lunch/dinner in a restaurant by yourself (or with someone), play games on the computer, visit an art gallery or museum,  do your nails, get up and move to a different room and sit in a chair that you don't usually sit in, re-arrange furniture,  look into doing some volunteer work and go to some NA meetings and talk to us on the forum. Take a nap, cook yourself a gourmet meal, make some brownies (and send me some).
Lots of stuff you can do!
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Thank you all so much for the tips! And a big thanks for the big list of specifics. I think this page is going to be an important place to talk to those who will listen and help, and I hope I will be there for others as well. Thank you!
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