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Addicted the addiction

So for myself, jumping from one addiction to a nother, substances, lifestyles. Internet buying. Sex, money, thrill seeking activities and realizing now many years down the line that I. Am not. A recovering addictive who was addicted to coke, then to benzos and then well I'll spare the details,but  I am an ADDICT to addictions. My husband says. I try I making excercise an addiction or reading, he still is commented on that "that's all you care about right now" . What do I do?
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i am the exact same way.  have been for as long as i can remember.

i have in the past succeeded in making exercise (lifting) an addiction.  need to do that again.
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You look at each addiction from a distance and evaluate how each has contributed to your life in a negative way.  Then you decide how you can make little gradual changes to where these addictions can contribute to you and others positively.  Sometimes our addiction can take on a selfish cloak and we fail to see how they hurt those around us.  I wish you the best in tackling your addictions head on with eyes wide open.
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Easy answer to your question: aftercare. Meetings. Get into a program asap. That's why they exist.
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We are addicts...its in our DNA! Lol...I have to agree with the above post, aftercare, aftercare, aftercare! I know for me, i can be addicted to ANYTHING! I have found though, N/A has helped me temendously with this. I also found alot of us addicts are self centered and helping someone else will get u out if your self, which does help w/ this addict behavior. My daughters future mother and father in laws are recovering addicts. They have many, many years of clean time between them. However, i can see their addict behaviors in other ways...obsessions, so called hobbies (like total obsession over 300 chickens!), husband works from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm...they stopped going to aftercare years ago. Just a thought...
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Great topic. As I said on another post (and its only MY opinion) but there are no,  drug addicts, only addicts, Drugs are just one of the symptoms of addiction.
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I have heard the, "thats all you care about now" comment from my wife, when I substituted computer games and other leisure activities, as R & R break while in early recovery. It is hard, because our loved ones have lost us to drugs for so long, now they want more from us emotionally, than we can deliver.
I still get angry comments, but I understand why, so I let them pass unchallenged.
For recovery, I focus on me, because I need to be well to be of value to my family. I am not popular in this occasionally, but I am still clean. And deep down my family understands.
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