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Addicted to Benzos (and others) and need surgery - worried about anethesia

I have to have to have a colonoscopy and related surgery that requires that I undergo anesthesia.   I take several benzodiazapan a day as well as occasional barbiturates.   Are there specific dangers I should be aware of (e.g., (1) if they use barbiturates as anesthesia, and I am already taking them, could that put me into a coma (from barbiturate poisoning, etc), or (2) if bringing me off of the anesthesia they somehow remove the benzo/bartiturate levels in my body and I seizure/coma from coming off too fast?).  

Thank you.
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Hi~  Don't worry.  Just be totally honest with the anesthesiologist prior to any procedures. Tell him/her exactly what you're taking,how much,and for how long. They'll take it from there.

Have you considered getting off those pills?  If you ever do,we can support you~

Good luck~

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what exactly are you taking?

its rare that they use barbiturates anymore. i heard most commonly they use fentanyl and propofol...neither are benzo's or barbiturates...but what they use and how much doesn't really matter. what matters is that your anesthesiologist knows what you're taking. it can make a big difference.
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Im sorry to hear about your need for surgery.

I worked in the Operating Room as a Surgical Technologist for many years before I started flying for a living. Here a bit of information for you.

First and foremost, you MUST MUST MUST tell your anesthesiologist/anesthetist about your history!!! Your anesthesia provider is the one that keeps you alive in the operating room. They give a whole cocktail of drugs during anesthesia, and need to know in order to treat you properly and safely.  I always advise members here to consult their own docs, but I can not stress to you enough that this is certainly risking your life if you hide this info from your anesthesiologist. I have witnessed too many unnecessary anesthesia disasters due to patients not being honest. If you are honest with any doctor, this is the one you need to choose.

Once your doc knows about your history, they can change the medication plan, and this can be done VERY safely but only when the doc is in the know.

Tyically it is rare to use barbiturates in the OR anymore for general anesthesia like another poster said.

Its different any time, but a typical anesthesia protocol would be.  IV Versed (Midazolam, a benzodiazepine) presurgery.  In the OR suite, more IV Versed, INhaled oxygen, IV Fentanyl (A potent opiate), followed by IV Propofol (This actually is what knocks you out), and the IV Pancuronium Bromide (For muscle relaxation, so the machines can breathe for you)

It is common at times to administer reversal drugs depending on how much was given and your response when you come out of anesthesia. Usually IV Narcan (Naloxone to reverse the fentanyl) and IV Mazicon (Flumazenil to reverse the Versed)

Dont be scared, but please put trust in your anesthesia provider.  They can only keep you safe if you are honest with them!!!

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HELLO Henry..was wondering if you told them your drug history if they contact anyone? Is this all confidential. . I have kids and would want them to contact anyone?
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Henry hope you don't mind my sticking my nose into the conversation.  I'm going for total knee replacement on Monday July 12.  I'm a retired RN after 35 years but it doesn't mean a thing when it comes to substance abuse, drugs and anesthesia, because where I worked I didn't need to know that stuff.  I'm so glad to be learning so much on this forum. Thank you so much for your timely sharing of info.

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Thanks for the kind words!  I wish you well on your procedure Monday morning.  You will be in my thoughts. :-)

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